Locus of Control

Intro: Locus of Control

Earlier in the week, Monday to be exact, the post was about a Rogue Agent. The example of eating a cake was used to discuss how one can moralize food and some of the potential consequences of doing so.

The perspective of agency to eating cake might seem a bit trite and trivial, however, that is one area of life where the greatest level of control can be gained or lost. The Locus of Control. Where does your center of control lives. This plays a lot into how one goes about doing what they do.

In school, some many years back, the topic of Locus of Control had sparked many healthy debates in class. Who decides where that center of control lives and how do you go about shifting how has that level of control and who does not. Eluded to in an earlier blog post, many huge budgets for many companies are spent fighting for that center of control.

In a few days, it will be chocolate eating time. Many people will enjoy celebrating romance and will quickly feel mixed feelings about that day(s) afterwards. It is supposed to be a beautiful occasion to be happy about love and then… bam… guilt sweeps in because now you feel fat for having had chocolate the person who loves you showered you with.

On the flip side of the coin, it is imperative one knows where their center of control is. And thankfully it is not a one size fit all type of center either. That would make the world rather boring and dynamics pretty flat if everyone had the same exact level of control over themselves. OK, maybe not all bad, but we’ll never really know.

Basic Tenants

For the sake of making this easier to digest, as this article may tempt the writer to geek out a bit (hopefully caught and fixed in edit). The center of control in question today is going to be discussed from an in versus out model.


In being inside yourself, as in the mind, the heart, the gut. The things you can influence by your own free will or some combination of internal choice selection mechanism the subconscious uses to influence the conscious.


Out being everyone else and anything else that does not currently resides inside of you. Those things which you have little to no control over yet have some impact on you somehow.

Being Real

The whole point of being real is being true to yourself and your beliefs. While everyone feels they are in total control of what they feel, think, and believe, the reality is this, there is a struggle between what we want to believe and what others influence use to believe.

Let’s take a small anecdotal example. Buying a car.

Most people feel that their choice of cars they drive is purely a function of what they love to drive and can afford to drive. When one looks at larger demographic data, certain trends will challenge that notion.

Professionals who work in IT have shown a larger than coincidental preference for driving a Subaru. Not because that’s a car for someone in IT. But there is an image that many adopt in IT and causes them to gravitate towards a WRX and as the company responds to that and pushes it’s message out, the circle continues to self fulfill and before you know it, WRX and that metro hipster ish IT single guy are linked.

Or let’s take doctors of a certain prestigious practice group… over time end up with either silver, blue, black, or white BMW’s or Mercedes. Not because those cars are just for medical professionals, but someone the influence engine worked it’s magic and now in that area, to be taken seriously in that profession, you need to drive such a car to be unique. Uniquely like everyone like you.

Nothing wrong by the way with the choices or associations. Just how humans are wired it appears.

Now that the basics has been covered, let’s dive in a bit into the Locus of Control story on the next page.


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