Monday Blues

The lovely weather has not been so kind to me. Ok, not so much the weather as the cold and flu season has finally caught up to me.

The mind is willing and wanting to produce and plow ahead, but the body rather stay in bed and do nothing, as it’s not feeling all that great.

The heart says “pace yourself” and let the engine recover, without it, you’re not going to have much in the tank to press on once you’re better.

What this simply means to me, when the day just won’t start as you’d like, instead of getting angry or frustrated… or worse.. giving up… it’s time to chill and see what can be or should even be salvaged.

This slow down period has not been by choice, however the clarity of cancelling nearly everything off my calendar for recovery purposes has helped plenty.

Instead of giving up on a blog post for Motivational Monday, after a good nap, this post came to mind and is now being shared.

I’ve got another nap in plan, but until then, I think i can whip up some tea to feel better.

Monday may be blue, but it’s that jazz kind of funky blue that gets a sweet groove going as recover does what recovery does.

Happy Monday!

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