Writing Lessons

The other day, looking over past stories I’ve written (both shared and not shared) to pull a few writing lessons for the future… I ran into a discovery that… um… well…

Let me explain

I try my best to write good stuff. I’m no professional writer. I am aware that I’ve improved, but I’ve no idea how much and how I stack up against anyone. Mainly because I’m not interested in being rated at this point in time.

But no… yeah… well…

I saw that a few people have started liking my posts and/or leaving comments. That, of course, thrilled the heart and soul.


Periodically I check out who likes my posts, just to see what they’re writing and how it could motivate me to continue. One such person caught my eye and I realized… this blogger is really good not trying to single out or favor one person over the next… but Beautybeyondbones… I’m humbled. (I’ve checked out your ministry too… am very inspired… wishing you ever more reach and success)

They’re big league big time… as in their blog is huge. I have no idea how they compare to other bloggers, but when you’re getting in the neighborhood 500 comments and matching likes on nearly all your posts for the past couple years, to me, you’re huge. like real huge

Then, I saw their writing excerpts and titles and photos… I couldn’t make myself read more. They’re like A-MAZE-ING!

And they’re following me… talk about… um… writer’s block setting in fast! (as in who am I to write for such a huge writer to read my stuff……)

Lesson 1

Don’t compare, it can easily lead to despair

They are themselves. I’m me. Two differently unique people. Too many times I find myself stalling a blog post or other interest… because I’m not confident that I will impress a certain someone who I may have never met. Can’t be perfect.

I’ve got so many ideas I don’t yet write because… I’m worried that someone might just find it less than ideal.

So wrong of me. So bad of me. Ok, not a moment of punishment or rebuke.. No. Just a statement.

Thankfully, I felt very encouraged that someone who writes so well would take the time to actually read not one but several of my posts. I guess I’m not a rookie anymore lol

Lesson 2

People will eventually find out if you’re writing for more than one blog/place online.

Yeah. That lesson.

Quite humbling.

Not according to plans (that’s what you get for using the same pen name on more than one blog… and not figuring how to change that) worse when some of what you write about is also outside of your comfort zone… pushing your creative growth… and is new

That big time blogger follows me not just here, but the other place I write… which has me wondering if they’ve uncovered my other writing spot yet… but let me not go down that rabbit hole… not now… maybe not ever… because of the next lesson

Lesson 3

I judge my work too harshly…

I have a few things I like to explore via writing. Areas of me that I grew tired of keeping inside. Writing is like very therapeutic for me (when I get around to it)

So, I do my best to produce good stuff, stuff worth reading. However, I do cover things in writing that I would most likely not let folks know in real life. Not because it’s bad or anything, but because… I never did before. (when someone who knows of your struggle calls you out on it… everyone already knows and are wondering when you’ll embrace all of yourself…le sigh)

Some areas, I’m still trying to figure out why I wrote about it. The work is nice. I like it. But why was I the author of it. Now, there is no barrier between the various writing I do… it seems. There are folks who now know both sides of me… if that makes sense.

While that’s all well and good, it’s teaching me to chill a bit more about my new-found skill. Writing will go where it will go. I need to enjoy the journey. Not every storyline has to be washed and sterilized to some standard… especially if I didn’t sign up for that standard to begin with.

Lesson 4

If what I wrote was no good, there wouldn’t be followers or repeat readers

Listen, we are our own worse critics. But then, society adds a layer of expectations. We internalize them. We give them life. And in the end, we limit ourselves.

Without putting it out there, the desire to improve wouldn’t grow, and the practice wouldn’t come in to make the writing more interesting. Now that I’ve got a small number of followers, it’s validation I don’t suck horribly.

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee they’re reading everything, nor that more will come. However, I’m not getting blocked any more. Knowing a big time blogger is following me means one thing only… I’m not a rookie… I’m a blogger who can now stand on his own.

Let’s not talk about running full speed yet though lol

Lesson 5

I’m going to keep writing even if no one follows.

I like writing. I like what I do. It would be nice to have a huge fan base… but that comes in handy if I’m selling a book, and since that’s not the case, let me just focus on building up my craft first.

I still can’t get over that big name though And quick nod to whilesheblooms who shared with me her thoughts about what my writing sounds like to her. Shout out to her husband who took time also to give me his reactions to my writing.

In closing, Mondays are about motivating others to push for their dreams. I appreciate the love and follow I get. It propels me forward. I hope this blog propels a reader to keep their craft growing better and better. Go out and crush your day and make it an awesome week


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