No April’s Fool

Most folks play pranks on the first of April. Nope. This one is no April’s fool. In fact, the lessons of the day stand to help seal the deal on the Motivational Monday kick this blog is seeing.

Starting the new quarter in a new season in a new month usually is a great time to revive goals and motivational plans for the future. Nothing like the fresh start to breathe new life in existing plans.

This post is no different than other’s like it encouraging you to be your best self and push as hard as you’ve ever pushed. and it speaks to me as well

The only difference this time around is that this post is written in a different environment than usual (not that you can see it). I took a short trip to recharge the batteries and decided to write from the road and keep the writing schedule consistency.

What I learned was that a break is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. There, one can appreciate the growth and efforts paying off.

Before this short little trip, I’ve been working on being very consistent with my writing and posting.

Consistency is a good thing, I can assure you of that. I’m at my computer typing up this post and scheduling it out for you to read on the regular date of posting. I could have skipped. I could have explained away. I could have done a one sentence post saying I’ll be back.

However, when you’re on a path to increase your skills, talent, and life, breaks aren’t excuses. They’re just adjustments that one works with. I’m getting this post done because that’s a priority. I’m having a great time on this short trip. But I’m not neglecting my goals. yes, when this post goes live, I’m back doing life as I regularly do

As this Monday kicks off a new Monday in a new month of a new quarter of the year… I encourage you to jealously protect your goals, your ambitions, your drive, your passions. Get done what needs to get done while balancing all that life throws at you.

When it’s all said and done, the satisfaction that you’ve made it work is more than enough to make the effort worth it.

Happy Monday. Go make it an awesome week!

your regularly scheduled motivational posts will continue next week

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