Balloon Carrier

Giving props to all those who plan, design, and make events amazing. It’s an art and craft that is special. I tried it. I’m OK at it and will not quit my day job for it. These people know how to put together an event. Give it up for event planners!

So, what does that have to do with the title? Balloon Carrier

Some time ago, OK, a long time ago, I offered my services to help plan a baby shower. This was supposed to be awesome. The lady who starred in the post call “Spiderman Kiss” was having her baby. one of them

This event had to be one of the best. The understanding was that she was wrapping up her season of having children with this pregnancy. And as with all events around her, everyone who is cool in that corner of the hood would be there. Folks were driving in, flying in, walking in, and taking cabs in. this was before Uber and Lyft became things

The Call that most planners dread came through to my wife, the vendor responsible for the balloons was not going to be able to deliver balloons.

OK, this is no big deal, right? Get a can of helium and a few bags of balloons and you’re good to go? Right?

Yeah. OK. Sure. If you want a small party.

The Balloon Carrier

I arrive at the place to pick up the balloons. I’m figuring a quick stop in this very busy city are wouldn’t take too long. So, I parked by the hydrant. Shouldn’t be a big deal. In and out.

Yeah. Sure. OK. In and out.

I sat nervously behind the wheel very nervous as many squad cars passed and many officers gave me stern looks. I think that day they were a bit busy with other things to give me a ticket. Must have been nearly 45 minutes before my lady returned with assistance with way too many balloons.

I felt like the movie “Up” was about to take place. There was no way to put any of these in my car. I had a good sized sedan… not the full sized… the normal sized one. Even if I stuffed all the balloons in the car I could and filled the trunk, there was the matter of 75% of them left to carry.

Had to think quick. Being the place was somewhat close, I asked all my “non-essential” passengers to vacate and walk. Stuffed the car with balloons and then secured the rest to the body of the car.

Yeah, that looked pretty in a weird way. I couldn’t see anything. It’s a very busy city area. I just hoped that no one grabbed at any of them or worse… any got caught on other cars, power lines, poles, signs, turn lights… you know… city scape.

Let’s not talk about trying to double park and unload all these balloons in a narrow street while impatient drivers want to squeeze by angrily that they’re late to the corner liquor store appointment around the corner (yes… that is actually what happened to two drivers upset I was blocking their way. The store was visible from where I was)

let’s skip the story of filling my trunk with many many dishes of food to bring to the party… and just say it was delivered safely after the balloon drop

and the rain… that’s another story… nothing I had to deliver got wet, thankfully


The Party

The lady of the hour claims she was taken by surprise. I’m not convinced. Someone had to have slipped her a note or something. She walked in way too cool. Way too sure of everything going on. But, that is besides the point.

Everything managed to get pulled together just in time. The principle organizer was on the phone getting things in line, as several vendors claimed they couldn’t deliver due to the rain… which was not much more than a very annoying cold drizzle by the way.

I think it was more the narrowness of that street and the grass being too soft to carry any trucks. However, in the circle of friends present were many event planners who stepped up to the plate and made things look perfect.

The balloons all survived the trip. Everyone had a great time. The music was good. The night went strong. I eventually found parking down the block.

What I did take away from this event more than anything else… having great awesome talented friends will save a party quick fast if something goes wrong. If the lady of the hour didn’t know by now all the back story hoops jumped to make her event perfect, this blog now has spilled only a few of the beans. Given the elapsed time, the statues of limitations have already kicked and exonerated any liabilities one might infer from this blog post lol.

I won’t bore you with the details of what songs were played, how awesome the people were, or who was there. That’s not critical to this short short story post. When I grow up, if I grow up, I want to have more super cool friends, they are super valuable in a clinch.

As for the short career of carrying balloons, it has ended with zero balloon casualties. I’m now retired from the game. The car has been sold. I leave future balloon carrying to actual professionals with insurance policies for carrying balloons.


the post was done in a different humor tone for the sake of being a light read. Certain facts were changed to add to the humor. No vendors were harmed verbally for lack of delivery and all who stepped up were given due recognition… and the mom to be then had a great time. Her children have grown way too fast however, and that’s the risk of having children.

due to participatory obligations, there were no professional grade photos taken by me during this event. The few shared were from my cell-phone. Those shown in this blog post were taken by me and authorized by the event planners and fill in planners (kidding) for the sake of embellishing of this post


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