Mom: A Rare Diamond

Many metaphors and poetic terms have been used to describe a mother. I like the words of a song I used to hear as a child during the late church evening socials. While the language was not my native one, the concept sounded so good to me. It says, roughly translated, “a small piece of a mother is worth more than your largest diamond”.

As the song continues, it elaborates that a good mother is even more rare, as many can bear out children, but few take the time to properly educate themselves to raise up that child correct. The rest of the song’s lyrics is a bit hazy.

Several points struck me about this memory and prompted me to quiet myself and think a bit about where motherhood is today. Why? I’m seeing what motherhood looks like from a very different perspective. I’m co-parenting my wonderful children with the help of an amazing woman.

Rarer than Diamond

The impact of a mom is not something one measures easily. Economist have made wonderful educated guesses that the general public found too boring to focus on. A mom is many different things to the growing child. Ranging from Wonder Woman and Super Chef to the educator, counselor, nurse, doctor, comforter, organizer, events coordinator, arbitrator, and mediator to name just a few small roles of the many held by mom.

Most women do not go to college to get these various degrees. They just adjust on the go and make it look super easy. Doing so while keeping up with herself looking glamorous or professional or sporty is one thing. Doing so while keeping her whole home looking fabulous, fed, and happy, well that’s miracle level science and art.

The value of a mother is priceless. Entire civilizations are built off the sweat equity of mother’s yet not enough of them will give these women their proper due and worth.

Any person who has won the birth lottery and has a great mother is really one of the wealthiest person alive today. Think about it. All the social skills mom gave you. All the love to give you a stable emotional make up. All the soccer mom drives to all your games so you can enjoy your sports and connections made. The career advice. The sounding board for all your whims and rebellious ideas. The calm of your storm.

The value of a mother far exceeds any diamond rock on the market today. Getting her just one day to showcase your love for her is definitely not enough.

The Multiplication Factor

Many times, mom will easily translate the love she gets from her man and shower this across the children. Or so a family life counselor once pointed out. The most remarkable feat of mothers is simply their ability to multiply love to all their children regardless of how much love they get from anyone else.

We see this in cases where divorce robs the woman of the love she came to appreciate from a man who once loved her. That same super mom will do all she can to minimize the damages divorce has on her children. She will learn to boost up any lack so that the children now have both a dad and a mother in one, if she can’t find a suitable male role model.

Even with larger numbers of children, a great mom always has enough to give. Even if she’s got to hide in the bathroom while the kids watch t.v. as she cries out her pain to the universe looking for God’s provisions. We children will never fully understand or know what a mom has done until it is our turn.

This giving in multiples of value propels entire societies forward. This fuels innovation that would have otherwise died in a heart of a child devoid of hope in herself/himself. You can’t put a price on the butterfly effect of how much a mother’s love is worth.

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