Mom: A Rare Diamond


Happy Mother’s Day

As I watch my wife do the amazing things she does as a mom, I too get fueled to step up my game. I always thanked my mom for being so awesome. I now better understand her many sacrifices and feel even more motivated to do better for my family and myself.

The original meaning of the holiday was to show respect for mothers who braved social convention to sway the political landscape that was not serving their children very well during the period of the American Civil War. (can’t speak about how that originated in other countries). While the corporations have found a way to distill the day to a card and a sale at the jewelry store, most people remember how mom made their lives worth living by just being mom.

The work of others is not yet over, no matter the age of their child. They still have to fight for equal pay in the workforce. They still have to fight to be respected by men. They still have to fight to get respect from their children. They still have to fight to be viewed as equal to men. They still put up with all manners of discriminatory practices that most men can’t begin to imagine.

Yet, they still shower society with love by influencing one child at a time. Sure, not all moms are perfect or great or able to do motherly things. Life is not fair. Life can be cruel at times. However, many will tell you, it’s better to have a mother than to not have one. Because moms are far more valuable than diamonds.

When you have a piece of a mother, whatever the size of it may be, you’re truly blessed with immense wealth. You’ve got the vessel that brought you into existence doing it’s very best to keep you alive and well.

Even in the unfortunate circumstances in which your biological mother is not able to be in the picture or of use to you, there are plenty of surrogates who fill in some portion of the value in your life. It could be in the form of a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a church prayer warrior, a character in a book, or any lady who invests her energy in you for any period of time.

That’s the magic of motherhood. Anytime that energy is invested in you, no matter your age, you come out the other side a better person if you’re able to acknowledge it and be grateful for it. The world is not short on mothers who care. It is however short on people who take that care and pay it forward.

So… pay it back to your mom, assuming she’s alive and you’re able to talk to her. Pay it back to any motherly figure who is of influence and importance to you. Then, pay it forward to anyone who is in need of nourishment. Be that mom in the life of someone who may have no access to the love you were so generously given as a child. Same for creating that warm loving connection that you’ve never had.

The love one shares is always part of that motherly package that is priceless. Far greater worth than any diamond. What the world needs is more love. The only self renewing energy life force humanity has that is not destructive. (poetic license… generously and appropriately applied)

Enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day where ever you are… and in the event your country celebrates it on a different day, apply this message then.

Then. Go the extra mile. Make it a habit to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Give her fuel that she can then multiply back to you. She’s worth it. Far more so than any diamond you can ever find.

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