The Gate Keeper

Many people have poetically described the eyes as the gateway to the soul. Not going to dispute this one bit, instead, will agree. I will advance the idea that the eyes are not the only gateways, but let me not digress too much.

Taking amazing photos of people’s eyes is a learned skill and art. Sure, smart phones make it so easy to do, but the framing is not always intuitive. Especially in my rookie days of photography with a DSLR.


I’ve shared stories in the past about my friends who have modeled for my learning. The time they gave allowed me to get better and later do great photos for them when it counted the most.

Today, will look into the past at one of the days when I had to push myself and learn as much as I could during one of those tests. The link to the photos themselves will be provided at then end of the post. Until then, a quick story (work of fiction based on actual facts) to setup the mood.

The Gate Keeper

Larry sat transfixed. Shirley was perfect. She was the one he’d have to marry. There was just one little thing, she didn’t know about his desires yet.

Larry had watched Shirley from a distance as their friendship had grown in school. Super sweet, smart, genuine, caring, and lovely in temperament.

Shirley was just the gal he needed to bring home. Yet, they were just friends.

The problem was not so much that Shirley was pretty and out of his league, Larry could adjust for that if he wanted to. His problem was reading her mind. He just could not.

To be fair, Larry knew that no one could read anyone’s mind. That is just not possible. However, one can get a good feel for the thoughts of someone you know pretty well by just looking into their eyes.

His parents did that to him whenever he was trying to lie. They’d ask him to look into their eyes and repeat himself. The truth always came out.

Even in past relationships, he knew by looking into their eyes exactly what was going on.

Shirley was different however. Here eyes spoke volumes for sure but not the green light to move towards a relationship he was looking for.

Her eyes were always compassionate, but sharp. Eagle level sharp. Cutting through and questioning everything. There was no angle to slide in a smooth play here.

Plus, her eyes always asked questions. She was always trying to know what was going on or where things were going. Or so it appeared.


To make matters all the more complicated…

Shirley’s eyes were a strong confident unshakable hazel color. The kind that made men speak the truth. The kind that reminded men that she didn’t need men for anything.

Always glowing. Always happy. Always energized. Never tired.

Sure, the eyelids might have told a different story, but the hazel never got tired.

Asking Shirley on a date was the equivalent of taking on Mount Everest. Larry knew that he had great taste in venues but he always felt that Shirley was used to way more.

One time, he had witnessed someone say something mean to Shirley. Before he could step in and rescue her, he saw her eyes level a look that buckled the knees of this person into profuse apologies.

There was epic power inside these eyes. Worse, the one friend he had as an ally to help him approach Shirley told a different tale. Shirley was every bit the wonderful woman he knew but she had an even softer more vulnerable side that cared too much for those she cared for.

Yet, these eyes kept him and many other guys at arms reach of that juicy lush warmth hidden inside. Did not help that she dressed so beautifully his heart could scarce keep pace. He could not get close enough to touch or feel the embrace of her beauty.

Escaped from one gate… leads to another

Out of sheer frustration, one hot summer day, Larry decided to go for a late afternoon walk. He had to clear his head. This song and dance had gone on long enough. He had to declare his desires to Shirley. She had to know that he was yearning for her and needed her embrace and caress.

As he walked the park, he laughed at all wannabe models he saw with amateur photographers. They held nothing in comparison to his Shirley. She was beautiful. She was the best.

His heart sunk though. As he rounded a corner. There was this guy holding a camera. He knew the guy. He didn’t like the guy. In fact, if anyone would cost him access to Shirley, it was this guy.

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