The Gate Keeper


This Guy

Crossing the arch that separated one part of the park from the next, Larry tried not to laugh at the absurdity of a gate in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t hold anyone out. It was just an abandoned gate that had served as an art piece.

Larry didn’t care too much about the gate. He was just hoping that this camera holding guy was just out shooting nature scenes and would not be saying hello.

His stomach turned with anger and resentment. This guy had spoken to Shirley and made her laugh and blush a few too many times. This guy had photographed Shirley and kept the photos to himself.

His Shirley.

Not just any Shirley.


There were a few times when Larry wanted to study with Shirley and use that time to bond with her only to have this guy show up, steal the show, and then whisk her away for some stupid photo session. Didn’t this guy have his own girlfriend anyway? Why would he not test on her? It had to be on Shirley though.

The nerves…

Larry found himself clenching his teeth and holding his fist tightly in his pocket. If this guy ever bothered him again, he’d have to say something. So long as Shirley’s eyes didn’t stop him dead in his tracks.

Those eyes had made him do so many things in an effort to buy more affection and attention from Shirley. Those eyes had him running around looking at lingerie or buying up exotic cakes or trying out silly hobbies… all to get to more time with Shirley.

Shame Shirley never got to see the lingerie or savor the majority of the cakes… or see his silly hobbies for that matter. But, one day, she would. Larry was sure of it.

The guy was mercifully walking away. Larry would not have to cross paths with him. That was a good thing. Because he needed to think a bit more and clear his mind. He was going to ask Shirley out that night. He had to be cool and calm.

Just as his serenity returned, Larry’s heart jumped out of his chest. He heard Shirley’s voice. He spun around.

It was like the second coming.

It was Shirley!

She was waving his way. She was skipping and bouncing towards him. Her face glowing. Her smile radiating. Her loveliness so perfectly bronzed. And her eyes were positively radiating hope.

Larry swore he heard a chorus of angles sing as he watched transfixed.

Then, then…


Shirley turned.

Skipped away.

Towards that guy!

That GUY!!

As Larry’s head spun, his eyes spotted the guy aiming his camera at Shirley as she strutted her catwalk and spun around gleefully. The man was snapping rapid fire shots and aiming his lens all over his precious Shirley.

This guy had the nerves to savor Shirley’s beauty both from afar and closely zoomed in. Worse, she was flirting with his camera.

All completely oblivious to his wounded heart that was bleeding all over the boardwalk of the park.

What did that guy have that he didn’t have? It’s not like he hadn’t offered to do photos for her social medial before. It’s not like he hadn’t offered to be her personal photographer.

She had politely and very sweetly turned down the offer with the explanation that she didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself.


But. She was spinning, giggling, cooing, laughing, and kicking up her heels in front of this guy though.


Worse, this guy walked up way too close to Shirley and swept a strand of hair off her face before taking an ultra close up photo of her face.

Not once.

Not twice.

But three times.

Before he could faint, Larry decided to confront this guy. He had had enough. This was crossing the line straight through disrespect to flat out challenge.

This was it. This guy would learn a pricey lesson. After giving him a piece of his mind, he’d make sure the camera would not be able to take another photo again.

But.. Wait…

Where were they going?

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