Reflecting on the sun

The sun, source of power, life, energy, shines dutifully each day across the surface of earth. Capturing the sun’s radiance has been the domain of plants for a long time. Artists have done a good job of painting it, showcasing, and even writing poetry to it.

Reflecting on the sun

When taking photos of the sun, one needs to remember the golden rule… never ever look directly into the sun with your naked eyes. That is triple important to remember when using the view finder of your camera (think magnification lens).


With dark glasses for protection, it is possible to get a few good images of the sun. Of course, just because one has on sunglasses doesn’t mean one violates the golden rule. Instead, one finds a good reflection of the sun and let the camera do the work. Details of how is on the blog post that accompanies this project… links below.


Accompanying Blog Post

This is the second of a two part post on the sun’s reflection. The titles are “Capturing the Reflection of the Sun” and today’s post as “Reflecting on the sun”. There are links below that will direct you to the posts. Any other posts related to the sun, in the future, will be shared below as well.

Thanks and have a great rest of day.

  1. Capturing the reflection of the sun - Capturing the sun on a road trip means a few reflective moments to muse about No sun glare in this post though
  2. Reflecting on the sun - A gallery of sun photos from a road trip Just don't look directly at the actual sun... even with sunglasses. Stick to the photos on the blog instead
  3. When the sun inspires reflective poetry - Taking a little inspiration from some photos of the sun... and creating a bit of motivational poetry



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