When the sun inspires reflective poetry

When the sun inspires reflective poetry

A little play on words goes a long way to set the mood for the musings reflected in poetry. The photos that inspired these words will be shared in a separate post, but to wet the appetite, here is one.



Poetry Inspired by the photo

The dream of having the wind behind you… to push you along the way…

As sweet as the idea is… is not always what it appears to say.

There will be times, when the darkness is ahead of you

The sun may well be setting behind you… before you get through

Keeping pressing on

Turn your headlights on

The problems of today may be seeing the sun set

Let them rest

It’s not easy to reset when you’re pushing yourself to be the best

However… the night is when bed feels the softest

For in the morning, even when driving though the night

The sun will rise over the horizon… ready to illuminate all things bright

Doesn’t matter if the wind is to the right instead of behind

Reflections of sunbeams, in all their glorious might

Heats up dreams that were toiled on through the night

All will somehow feel eventually right

Keep pressing on

As you reflect on all that you’ve done

Building up momentum from what’s gone

Look ahead, there is a lot more come

Just let your light shine on

A sweet reflection of the sunlight

Beaming on you so bright

Accompanying Blog Post

This is the third of a three part post on the sun’s reflection. The titles are “Capturing the Reflection of the Sun”, “Reflecting on the sun”, and “When the sun inspires reflective poetry”. There are links below that will direct you to the posts. Any other posts related to the sun, in the future, will be shared below as well.

Thanks and have a great rest of day.


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