Queen May

The attention spotlight was not hers to seek. She was not that kind of lady. Attention was for others to enjoy. She did her work in silence and behind the scenes.

It was endearing to witness. It was sweet to uncover. Not one to brag, not one to make a fuss in public, Queen May was always on her game in pure quiet. The results spoke for themselves.

The few rare times one would see Queen May shining in the spotlight, she was always surrounded by other Queens. In those instances, she was blending her voice with the other queens to harmoniously create a celestial experience to those in their hearing.

It was with great difficulties that this photographer was able to capture solo photos of this queen in action. It’s not that she avoids the camera, the practice of many, it’s just that she doesn’t seek it.

So, today’s post is all about Queen May (that is not her full name, but might as well be)



In the very early days, to get her on film, I had to solicit the help of a few friends. Her modesty was of the humble variety. Enlisting the help of a soldier was the first real time with her as a model.

Truth be told, she had no clue actually that she was the focus of attention. As far as she was concerned, the moment was all about the soldier who was giving his time to protect our freedom.

When asked to model with him, she felt it was her duty to represent as a queen. After that shoot, one would have to hurry to catch her on film. She did her modeling very privately. No one I know has had access to her photo catalog.

You see, Queen May is photogenic and loves to keep a record of her fashion sense. Again, a very private collection. The waves she creates are well managed to not ruffle the feathers of others.

So, many of the photos I do have are candids. There are a few posed shots, those are all in her catalog. The photos that grace this post are those done in candid or by expressed permission.

The best place to get Queen May to agree to do photos are weddings and banquets. Then, she feels like she blends well with all the others who look good. The spot light is not just on her.

The worst place to get Queen May to do photos, any venue where she’s the best dressed and the others can’t compete. She will pass on the photos to not draw unnecessary attention to herself

Thank You!


This lady has believed in my abilities well before I was confident in my own. She has checked in on my progress as a blogger for years. She’s prayed for me and encouraged me. She’s never once believed I would not get to the level I am today. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that I’m just getting started.

Reality is this, I’ve never stopped working on myself. I am very curious to get to this place people see that I can reach. When a Queen believes in you and invests quietly in you, it’s an obligation to see that investment through. She’s like the many who have encouraged me.

Unlike the others, many of whom have supported publicly and openly, Queen May never got her public display. So, today, we make right what needs to be made right. Thank you!

these photos span nearly a decade of support

For those who do not know her handiwork, just look at her children. They’re the results of her investment (alongside their dad’s). She takes great pride in giving them all that they need to become all that they can be. If that’s not enough proof, look at the group in which she sings… Heavenly Messengers… and you’ll see her signature right along that of her sister. Look at her church family, you’ll see the impact of her generosity. She’s one of the quiet heroes who does the work without looking for praise. Today, it’s your lucky day Queen May!


Editorial Note: This post was originally shared on the project side of the site on December 29, 2017. It has been moved to the blog as part of the 2018 site audit


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