Happy 2019 Through1Lens

Another year is kicking off and another round of dreams is coming into focus. There is the hopes and dreams that light up a smile that’s waiting to materialize into greatness.

While there are many ways of saying this, this site is wishing you the very best for your new year!

Happy New Year 2019

This blog has it’s sights set on reaching new writing milestones and sharing more photos than the year before. But there are other goals that will eventually be shared as well.

We’re hoping you’re able to train your sights on the goals you have and keep them in clear focus for the entirety of the year.

May your photographic bags be filled with the right gear all year to take advantage of opportunities that come before you.

May your viewfinders be fog free and always clean so you can see the beauty that is before you and take full advantage of blessings that come to you.

While we can only view the world with one lens at a time, may your mind remain agile enough to shift lens as warranted to get the best field of vision to appreciate the details of beauty life gives while missing the hardship that life can throw out at times.

Whatever your dreams and resolutions are for the year, may your telescopic view allow you to see the completion of these dreams while your macro lens lets you maintain courage in all the daily efforts of goal reaching.

As your pen strokes a few plans, may your light shine brightly so you’re able to see your to-do list through the chaos of daily hustle.

It is our wish that the penned posts will help you along your journey this year. Try new things. Learn new concepts. Apply them, and grow with them.

May your happiness grow and your friendships solidify.

The world may be gyrating about, but you’ve got your sights trained into the reachable future. May God richly bless you and sustain you as you march forward with conviction and determination.

Let’s win this year

Instead of listing off all the things we hope to accomplish on this blog, I’m just going to encourage you to do your best and share with us what you’d like to have happen this year.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you the very best and sending you lots of positive vibes. Happy New Year!


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