Motivational Monday 2019 – Table of Contents

Motivational Monday is now a few years old. The habit is settling into a nice pace. Now is the time to level up and build even greater momentum.

Winning is often incremental as well as substantial.

Making big plans and following through is the way legacies are built. Cheers to starting each week with some positive thoughts to fuel the hope of a great week.

Table of Content

The table of content will be listed in two forms… short(below) and expanded(end of post).

  1. Kick-Off: A New Year
  2. Should I start new resolutions or keep the ones from last year
  3. Which goals should be pursued
  4. Before the hype of the new year ends…
  5. Building up takes teamwork
  6. March is Women’s Heritage Month


This year, batching is the new skill in play. Creating several posts at a time to ensure a new blog post every single Monday.

The skills required are not always evident to the reader, but this author is taking this task very seriously.

Optimism runs high. Aspirations run deep.

We can all reach our goals when we’re able to stick to a plan and work the process.

Wishing everyone an awesome motivated year.

Expanded Table of Contents

To help the reader know what’s coming, a more detailed version of the table of contents is provided for you below.

  1. Kick-Off: A New Year - Time to get Motivation Monday anchored and moving in the new year. The use of anchors (existing habits) to secure new resolutions for success
  2. Should I start new resolutions or keep the ones from last year - When one doesn't make new year's resolutions... but has many goals... Building momentum is the key. Taking the best of last year and pushing it forward this year And adding bigger better plans. A new way of focusing the lens.
  3. Which goals should be pursued - We often think of life as a linear path. Often, we need to shift. Just like career paths change, life paths changes too. Today, we examine which ladders to climb to end up on top of the right walls.
  4. Before the hype of the new year ends… - This the time when people start falling off their goals for the year. This the time this site doubles down on reaching it's goals, plans, dreams. Tenacity is key when working on year long objectives.
  5. Building up takes teamwork - We have friends and family who support us to reach our dreams. Sometimes, their support doesn’t feel very supportive. Yet, it’s there. Let’s honor that support and give our best to our pursuit of happiness. In the end, we win, they’re happy, everyone wins. Go make today great on purpose.
  6. March is Women’s Heritage Month - Women, the world over, have been making valued contributions from the dawn of time. It's only fitting we give them due credit. Thank you! And let's work to make the world better for them as well.

For ease of navigating back…

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