March is Women’s Heritage Month

Searching Google to find out inspiration to write this month landed me on the topic of Women’s Appreciation Month.

I got all excited about the topic. Considering the writing dry-spell of late, it was fabulous to have a concept moving me to write again.

March is Women’s Heritage Month

The very existence of this blog can trace it’s roots the the support of women in my life. Many of my life’s crowning achievements were powered and propelled by women in my life.

This is not taking anything away from the men who mentored me and invested in me. What I’m saying is this… the day to day… week to week… month to month… pushes came from women.

Most can easily point to their mother or sister or aunt as close sources of inspiration. Grandmas count too.

However, the other women tend to just blend into the tapestry of the expected. We, as a society, just assume women do what they do because that’s just how it is.

Sadly, that’s just not the most efficient way to be or appreciate the investment women make. Too many women have been pushed aside and not given their fair credit.

How this site got helped

Most of the guys I had spoken to, when I was starting photography (and later writing) said about the same thing: “Just go do it bro”.

Ask them to take time from the schedule to model for you so you can improve your skills and the conversation slid one of three ways.

Silence… that quickly grew awkward.
Deflection… I don’t got time, got something coming up, would love to help, but..
Transaction… how much you gonna pay me and when do I get my free pictures.

Needless to say, in my early days, I didn’t have a lot of male volunteers. In time, I did get a handful of guys volunteering their time, because my photos were helping their social media stand out or they needed the head-shot or something like that.

Women, on the other hand, were open to helping. They cheered. Gave feedback. Were very patient. I’m not going to speculate why that is.

What I do know is this… my lady friends were extremely patient with me and super generous with their time. I was able to learn a ton and even forge new friendships because of their generosity.

So, when several friends started suggesting I start a blog and noticed I was spending too much time building the blogs of others (for free sadly) they sat me down and leveled with me.

When my photography career took a turn for a long pause, it was these friends who helped me see value in my practice photos and create stories from them. They saw the way I created mini-stories with their photos and thought a blog would capture a bigger audience who could appreciate this.

Today, several iterations later, this blog (and several others) now live with content I’m creating off the backs of photos I once took. To my surprise, a few friends recently asked me and encouraged me to pick up the camera again and give this photography another run. Which, sounds super awesome, once I can find the time lol.

In Honor of Women

I’m not going to dig into history to give new insights into the marvelous world of women. Not this month.

I’m just going to write a few posts here and there about the various lessons I’ve learned from some of my lady friends. I’m going to share a few motivating posts regarding one perspective on women.

I’m going to zoom in just a little and tighten the focus on ways women leave an impact in the most subtle yet substantial of ways.

As I continue to build out the behind-the-scenes stuff that powers this blog, I hope to inspire a few women to keep being awesome as well as inspire a few men to show appreciation to the women in their lives.

Motivational Monday

As I wrap up this post, I’m also in the middle of a massive project on a scale I’ve not yet attempted.

This is part of the reason why I appeared to have vanished without explanation.

A couple of women made some suggestions that’s seriously changing my life as a writer, speaker, and creative type.

I’ve got an opportunity to help shape the lives of others through my voice and writing. I will share a little more details about that in the coming weeks.

This will help me step up as writer on a whole different level. I’m now deep into planning and sorting out what needs to be done, as I’ve never done this before.

Believe it or not, once again, it’s the women in my life who are stepping up and giving me the emotional foundational push. Of course, unlike before, I do have guys reaching out and helping and pushing me alone.

However, a woman’s touch has magical properties. Must be because they’ve got this whole emotional intelligence thing figured out. I can’t think of any other reason. (science says women are more likely to work on keeping up their social network… hence this communal support wave I’m getting)

As you kick off this week, be sure to say “thank you” to a woman who has made an impact in ways that society deems… “normal”. Something as simple as the way your favorite meal was cooked, or how your shirt was pressed… or the way you saw her smile. Whatever the case, say thanks.

Make her day. Lift her spirits. Let her know you appreciate and value her. Of course, please don’t be creepy about it (fellas) non of my followers ever are creepy… not to brag.

Have a great week on purpose!

For your reading pleasure, a sampled list of other Motivational Monday post will be added below. Just click on the title or image to get to the post of interest.

Appreciate any sharing of these posts you’re inclined to do. Helps spread the word.

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  3. Growth vs Change - We know about the perils of a fixed mindset. We're advised to have a growth mindset. No one speaks about the reluctance to face change in the context of growth. The small play on words had big implications
  4. March is Women’s Heritage Month - Women, the world over, have been making valued contributions from the dawn of time. It's only fitting we give them due credit. Thank you! And let's work to make the world better for them as well.


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