Grateful for women who support the dreams

Throughout history, women have left a seismic mark. The influence of a woman has cross generational impact.

On this day, while the world recognizes women’s contribution to society, lending a few words of appreciation for the women I know in my life.

Grateful for women who support the dreams

Most people think of their mom or grandma as the woman who left the biggest impression on them. Like most, that is the case for me. I can recount and retell many stories of the influences these women had on my life.

Others add their wives, girlfriends, or favorite teacher to the mix. So… can I.

No matter how amazing these women are, like most of us, we won’t make the history books as key figures who shook the world in a better more positive direction.

It is sad to say, like many minorities have said, we remember his-story with greater ease than her-story when it should always have been our-story.

Yet, despite it all, women continue to support the dreams of those they care about while balancing their own dreams. What’s hard to picture are the women who forgo their dreams just to give someone else a chance.

Veritable martyrs and saints in our midst,

The blog’s “Thank you” to women supporters

For those who have not had the luxury of following this blog’s history, let me run it down quickly.

1- a woman suggested I take some of my photography online and share on a blog… instead of anonymously sharing my work on other people’s blog

2- a woman pointed out that I had a gift of writing and should invest in sharing my thoughts with a larger audience.

3- several women volunteered their time to not only model and help my photographic abilities, but also read my fledgling words and encouraged them into larger bodies of work to share online.

4- currently being mentored by a select few women on the art of leveling up my content creation into a self-sustaining fountain of prose people want to read.

5- some of the women have given crucial feedback that’s shaping some of the behind the scenes stuff that will eventually surface later this year.

Kinda seeing a pattern here. Women contribute in every aspect of life. And they deserve more equitable and fair treatment in all that they do and aspire to achieve. just because it’s equitable doesn’t always mean it’s fair

The rise of a woman is not the downfall of a man

Many fellas work in transactional relationships. You do me one and I do you one. Stiff me one and I stiff you back and then some.

A cheap perversion of the bro-code for sure but that’s not the topic of today’s appreciation.

Women, as anecdotal evidence supports, are more relational in their relationships. They may keep very accurate scores but don’t move their relationships forward exclusively on these very scores.

As a byproduct, women don’t see their rise to their fair due power as a threat to man. If anything, they see it as an asset that allows them to work right alongside the very men who assume they’re entitled to the air they breathe.

Of course…we’re not speaking about the transactional focused females bent on retribution with interest… they’ve got their own righteous indignation to sort out… after centuries of hardship

Half of the world’s IQ is mixed with high EQ in the bodies of women. It’s high time they’re given their chance to shine brightly. The whole world will benefit.

Keep in mind, most men are raised and brought into adulthood by women. They’re taught by women. They’re nurtured by women. And supported by women.

Thanks to these tireless women, the world hasn’t fallen apart and men out there still know how to behave as proper world citizens, contrary to media spouts painting a far different alternate version of reality.

What I’m saying is this, the narrow view on men being at a loss because women are rising up in their own power… is out of focus. Let’s shift the aim of our lens and see a broader bigger picture.

We coexist for a reason… because we can. As women celebrate their achievements in history, I gain encouragement in knowing coming generations understand the value of women. They’re making the much needed changes to give women their due room.

Unlike our predecessors who predicted the end of moral civilization with the advent of women’s rights, time is proving the advances of humanity are thanks to the kindness of smart capable people who happen to be female. Which isn’t surprising at all.

In Conclusion

Women’s History Month is a good thing. A really good thing. I can now proudly point to a list of top achieving women to help my daughters understand their gifts. Especially when sniveling-nosed boys try to tell them otherwise.

Women build rockets. Women race cars. Women teach. Women work. Women do sports. They do it all. Anything I can do, they can do.

Cheers to all the women out there making the world a much better place by keeping their voices heard. You’re needed. You’re appreciated. You’re wanted. And valued.


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