Birthday party? Check
Graduation party? Check
Summer party? Check
Baby shower party? Check

Those are a few of the parties I’ve cut my photography skills with. Oh the fun. Don’t care for the loud music, but people are fascinating to see through a lens.


There is not a whole lot to say about parties… however… doesn’t stop the periodic random blog post about a given party. While not the most lucrative of photographic genres, below is a list of the few posts around the topic.

  • Balloon Carrier - Sometimes, when having fun, one has to do a little work. This story is about a little work that needed to be done while having fun at a babyshower
  • Flipped Scripts and Camera Flashes - A client's graduation event usually meant the photog aimed his camera discretely to capture memories. This time around, the script is flipped and the photog has to share being photographed. Will this change his perspective on how his clients' feel? Will this impact his shooting style?


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