Poetic Musings

The mind can easily meander through complex equations
Creativity, the domain of emotions, flow in varied ebbs
Every now and again, it’s good to jot the elations
A bit of experimental poetry gathered on this end

Poetic Musings

The site was not designed to be a poetry place. However, over time, creativity has shifted venues. There will be plenty of blog posts to sift through… but every now and again, a bit of poetry will slip in to you. This page is the gathering of all things poetic, for those who prefer to keep up with poetry.

  1. Random Testing - After doing a lot of testing and failing.. today.. for some reason.. I figured something out. Now, with lots to learn from all the failures and success... I feel good about the future of my writing. Look in to find out what changed
  2. Poetic DayDream - Candid photos can inspire poetic words Taking the dog days of summer in stride A throwback photo set inspiring poetry
  3. Walking Through Shadows - The ebb and flow of life means some ups and downs The shadows will pass and give way to sun. Sun will give way to clouds This too will eventually pass. Just keep on your journey. Poetry
  4. Playful Hats - Poetry inspired by photos from Elizabeth wearing two different hats
  5. The Brick Wall - Taking a story from childhood and remixing it into the blog's original go at poetry Life lessons on having the right mindset for success
  6. A close up photo inspires some poetry - Lady Cena's close up photo session, with her hats, inspired some romantic poetry on social media A meditative look, through poetry, of a special bond between a husband and wife... the early days. With style and grace, preserving the poems on the blog.
  7. When the sun inspires reflective poetry - Taking a little inspiration from some photos of the sun... and creating a bit of motivational poetry

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