The Night Test

The Night Test

Elizabeth took time out of her day on a cold evening to do a photo shoot. The details of the shoot are available on the blog.

What’s most amazing is the positivity Elizabeth brought to the shoot. It was pretty cold. She could have easily taken a shortcut and pulled on her coat. Yet, she went all professional and beamed her smile to give the viewer the impression that she was warm all along.

Heart warming night life

The tails of the night shoot will live on the blog as a testimony to the fun of the journey. Below will be a list of the posts and galleries from that set. Huge big thanks to Elizabeth for making these memories and making the test a massive success.

  1. Elizabeth graces the lens - Testing one's skills in night time photography is most fun when working with a friend Elizabeth gives of her time so that the photog can up his skills
  2. Elizabeth Night Time Gallery - The photo gallery of the night time photo session with Elizabeth now lives as it's own blog post entry.

For all the other photo sessions done with Elizabeth, you can check out the other portfolio pages. There, you’ll find links to all the other blog posts and photo sessions with Elizabeth.

The Night Test

The home of the night test with Elizabeth

Braving cold temps. Making photos. Learning lessons.

All About The Hats

Elizabeth makes a few hats shine on the blog.

This is the home of all hat related posts with Elizabeth

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