The passion for fashion easily translates to photographic fun. Especially when taking a break from medical text. Through plenty of laughter, skills were honed to showcase several aspects of Elizabeth’s fashion.

Due to complicated schedules, shooting has been a rarity, but the memories of collaborations in presentations lives on. Several stories are recounted in fondness and a few have spilled their way over to the blog.


While her expertise is in saving lives, her fashion interest shows up best when she’s socializing or going to church. Elizabeth, hopefully, will be returning to the blog soon. Until then, below is a short list of posts of some memories captured on film.

No matter what life throws your way, always take it with a smile. Things could be worse, just as they can become better.

The Night Test

The home of the night test with Elizabeth

Braving cold temps. Making photos. Learning lessons.

All About The Hats

Elizabeth makes a few hats shine on the blog.

This is the home of all hat related posts with Elizabeth

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