Keeping Cena

In the pursuit of love, there are certain traits that can’t be overlooked. It’s great to feel all romantic and attracted to someone. However, romance is not always built on love. In fact, some other key foundational pieces are better predictors of success than the feeling of love.

Trust. One has to know, understand, nurture, and sustain trust. Only then can a sense of security be layered in to foster a fertile ground for love.

Keeping Cena

During the course of our photographic journeys, the topic of trust was explored in many wonderful conversations. Who do you trust? How do you know who to trust? When will you feel secure enough to love fully and faithfully?

This is not the post to discuss all these various fabulous points, but this is a good introduction to some of the fun chats with Lady Cena.

Some of the discussions led to the creation of wonderful stories. Some of them will make the blog. The focus of the shoots was around a jointly appreciated love of fashion. However, the window into the loveliness of character that powers Lady Cena needs to be inked for others to appreciate

My Sister’s Keeper

One of the many lessons that came from our friendship is the need to be protective of our fellow friends in ways that may not always be convenient or popular. We can’t let friends walk into bad relationships (for the record, this is not about Lady Cena). While we can’t prevent bad relationships, we can be supportive in ways that helps them not stay or get into bad relationships.

But, I digress. There will be more chat about relationships on the blog down the road.

For now, it’s with honor that the photog presents to you some photos that inspired a fictional story. In said story, we’ll explore some of the meanings about being our brother’s keeper in the dating world. For entertainment purposes, of course.

All the details will be shared on the blog… and the links are right below. Enjoy the walk through the park as one keeps their fellow man safe.

Keeping Models Safe

Couldn’t help the word play…

  1. The Gate Keeper - A photo session years ago sparked a lot of lessons about how to pose a model. Today, a bit of fiction, inspired by the photos, comes to you to create a mood. My friend modeled... the mind created. Enjoy
  2. It’s all in the eyes - Lady Cena has eyes that draws attention Some want to get close. But just not too close The Gate Keeper may not want you too close... even though they're friendly eyes

The Portfolio Home Page

Below will be the listing of all the projects done with Lady Cena. This serves as the home page for the collaborative efforts. Feel free to bookmark the page for safe keeping, if you’d like.

All future projects will get automatically updated. Just click on the image or title to be taken to the page that holds all the blog posts on the topic.

Thank you for reading, thanks for stopping by and sharing what you like. Clicking likes helps keep your photog motivated to write more too.

Keeping Cena

A photo session in the park leads to a gallery and romance fiction on the blog.

Home page of the Gate Keeper project with Lady Cena

Regarding Blues

The home page of the blues where Lady Cena paints the town red with her aqua blue

Lessons learned, poetic words, musings, and gallery… all listed within.. without excess blues

Crop of Closeness

A collection of up close and well cropped photos of Lady Cena

A light test turns into a play with hats

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