Introduction to Photos

Welcome to the Photo Portfolio

Over the years, my photographic journey has grown and evolved. Sadly, like many things in life, certain challenges have showed up. The rate at which my journey is growing has appeared to have stalled. Looks can be a bit deceiving.

One of the biggest lessons of my journey, own your own platform. I never had a site. I never built a place to host the many photos I’ve done. I’ve always posted them on other’s and shared with other sites. Now, these photos are gone. Some to never be found again.

Well, time to correct that. Better late than never. Of course, learning the art of blogging came first. Still a work in progress. However, be that as it may be, it’s time to share on my own platform some of the photos I’ve done from the past.

While I can’t go back in time and save the lost awesome pieces I did, I can find the few remaining gems and use those to learn how to showcase my work. Once that is all set, I can put more energy into doing more creative and awesome work to share… on my own platform.

Hope you enjoy this part of the journey as I work my way into the new field of sharing my works on my very own platform. If you’re moved to model for this blog or any other projects I’m involved in… no worries… it’s on the list of “to-do” to have a contact page and all the wonderful trimmings of a good photography site.

Enjoy the pictorial essays and visual stories alongside the written words on the site and blog.

Editorial Note – the below information was added late 2018 as part of a blog audit. Each of the projects listed contains all the associated blog posts (and projects) within it’s coverage. 

Introduction to Photos

Finally getting a section of the site just for the photos mentioned but not yet shared.

My own platform, my own time, my own work… it’s finally starting

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