Introductions to Writings

Introduction to the Writing section of the Portfolio

The art of storytelling is not new to anyone who has grown up or is assisting others to grow up. We tell ourselves stories, we tell others stories, we watch stories, we tune in to stories, and we read them.

During the years of free time… the years when life was easier as a single person with no responsibilities the art of story telling stayed focused on the visual medium. Today, as a husband and father, time is a bit more elusive and difficult to manage. Yet, the drive to tell a good story still exist.

Blogging, a few years back, was this exotic place that was just for the experts. Little did I know that anyone with an internet connection could blog. While the massive wild west open season of blogging might have passed, it has allowed me to have a bit of a chance to put a few stories to print that otherwise would have stayed locked away.

Not having the time to do as much photo-storytelling, writing has been the outlet of choice that allows my creative spirits to explore and wonder about whenever life gets a bit too real.

In this area of the portfolio/project area of the site, a peak behind the scenes of some of the thoughts that may or may not make the blog. I do write for more than one blog and some ideas seem really worth exploring outside the scope of the main blog here. You’ll get to sample a little of that here some of the time.

One example, I am always trying to get more skills in the romance department so that I can keep my wife aware of my feeling for her. Being this is a judgment free zone, if you didn’t already know that, you’ll see a few attempts at poetry grace this writing section.

In time, the hope is to use this section to showcase my best writing efforts that might otherwise get lost in the blog-roll archives with time.

Enjoy the read and do feel free to share it with friends.

Editorial Note – as part of a 2018 site audit.. the below information has been added


Introductions to Writings

The blogging journey has helped me get into some serious writing.

Some now are worthy of their own showcase as the some of the good ones get lost in the list of growing blog posts.

Starting to experiment with showcasing my work better with a portfolio

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The Cover page for all things social media blogging and this blog.

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Poetic Focus

Launching a project focusing on poetry. Learning the skills of writing poetry

This the home page of all future poetic projects to be created

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