Micro – Blogging

One of the modern ways of telling a story is… breaking it up across several distribution channels. That can be a story that starts on a blog, moves over to social media, and finishes up on video. Or, starts a photo/video that makes it’s way through social media and ends up on the blog.

The experience of long time web users leads heavily to having a common base camp that houses all the content being generated across all the various outlets. To that wise end, this experiment in micro-blogging is born.


Designing and crafting stories, musings, ideas, and insights to be shared on various platforms at once. It’s a lot of planning and requires more effort, but then again, to excel… one needs to put more effort.

This page is the primary home of these micro-blogged musings. Feel free to bookmark this for future references. Don’t worry, there will be other reminders on the blog directing you to this page every so often. The links below will grow as more ideas get created. One can read the full post behind the image by clicking on the title or the image. The short text below the image just serves as a teaser only.

Thank you so kindly for the continued support, encouragement, likes, and shares. This helps a lot and keeps the creativity motivated.

Whatever strikes your fancy, keep your lens clear and focused. The sharp focus is key to allowing you to grow… much like the writing on this blog has and will continue. Enjoy your journey.

Focused Words

The links below is a collection of some of the musings created for social media consumption. Should this little experiment prove highly successful, plans will grow to include a special page for these musings (link in menu, spot on the home page, etc). Until then, the lens is focused on improving as a writer… telling the story the modern way.

Have a gorgeous rest of day

  • A smile says so much… - It's more energy efficient to smile than it is to frown. Lady GiGi shows us how to smile brightly Photo Inspired Words to kick of a motivated Monday
  • Micro-Blogging - When creating, it's good to keep trying new ways of telling a story. Taking some photos from social to inspire new posts An extension of storytelling Keeping creativity challenged
  • Old Files - Unexpected list of old files were found. Changed the focus of a plan. Motivation just got elevated even higher than before. sometimes... the past has a way of boosting your present to set up your future
  • Starting To See Clearly - One has to constantly adapt the tactics used to get to a destination. The journey isn't always well defined, but the vision has to be. To see clearly isn't to have all the answers. It's to adapt, move, and adjust to all that life throws your way Photo Inspired Post


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