Covers of Motivational Monday

Everyone has a way of staying motivated. Everyone has a way of sharpening their focus. However, reality often means someone needs a little boost every now and again.

One of the pet projects of this blog has been to create a motivational theme on Mondays. No particular reason. Just the satisfaction of thinking positively to set the mindset right.

With all the negativity one has to handle, if one is so tuned, it’s easy to get weighed down. So, creating positivity through creating it helps keep it.


Covers of Motivational Monday

The whole point of this project was to help foster a stronger habit of having a positive mindset. The ability to seek the positive in all situations is very helpful when times get a bit challenging.

This does not mean that one is oblivious to the negativity that is present. One just makes the choice not to feed the negativity. Both online and offline.

This is the home page that will document the various efforts of creating a positive outlook for the blog and in the journey of life.

A little classification

To keep the list from being too long, the motivational posts are organized by the year in which it was produced. It’s quite interesting to compare the evolution of thought and writing ability.

As the blog continues to live on, the list below will continue to grow. While this was supposed to be a short project, it’s now heading into a multi-year one. Time will tell how long this will go.

For now, thanks for enjoying the various thoughts and musings that keep this photographer motivated each week.

Motivational Monday 2017

The segment called Motivational Monday is aggregated by years. This is the 2017 collection

Motivational Monday 2018

Working to have better more consistent posts of the motivational variety to kick off weeks

The collection lives here

One day… a collection will be complete enough to be published… until then.. the collection grows

Motivational Monday 2019

The home of all Motivational Monday posts for 2019

Starting off early… with the goal of filling this page each week with a new post


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