Seeing with trust

The world, through the eyes of trust, takes time to show itself. The colors, the beauty, the luxury, all takes a bit of time to load and reveal itself.

Friendships and relationships take time. It’s not wise to rush the trust process. Once trust is built, the results are beautiful and amazing. More than one can plan for or imagine.

Through the lens of photography, many artful moments were created that built up a level of trust. As in all things, trust has to be sustained.

This page will capture a sliver of the beauty that is wrapped in the concept of trust.

Seeing with Trust

Aggregated below will be the various projects created over the years.

Keeping Cena

A photo session in the park leads to a gallery and romance fiction on the blog.

Home page of the Gate Keeper project with Lady Cena

Regarding Blues

The home page of the blues where Lady Cena paints the town red with her aqua blue

Lessons learned, poetic words, musings, and gallery… all listed within.. without excess blues

Crop of Closeness

A collection of up close and well cropped photos of Lady Cena

A light test turns into a play with hats


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