One particular day, a client paused and gave a rosy compliment. They loved the added blurbs of words below their photos. Made them laugh and remember their beautiful wedding day with fondness.

This compliment triggered an idea that took a while to mature. This blog is the gradual realization of that idea. Storytelling through photos and words… while merging them together into an epic story.

Instead of waiting until the entirety of the projects are done, taking the advice of another client and opening up to the world about the journey and process of creating photo inspired words.

Photography Project


Capturing photos is both an art and a science. Thanks to social media, anyone can catalog whatever they deem is beautiful. There are people who have grown entire businesses out of curating amazing images.

At one point, this photographer had a photo business that was coming up pretty nicely until the economic changes teased him away into other areas of interest.

Despite all the zigs and detouring zags of life, photography still remains a part of the creative outlet this photographer uses to enrich the lives of those around him… as well as his own.

In yet another transition in life, this photographer is taking a little time to celebrate one chapter by bringing certain projects into focus. This will be the stage for the second chapter that is coming into clearer focus on the lens of life.

As a brief introduction, below will be listed the expected sets of projects that currently are being elevated. All future projects will eventually find their home in their appropriate places on the site as well.

The future looks bright and rosy. Opportunity still knocks. This blog is the documentation of the evolution in creative story telling through several mediums. Artists constantly test. Enjoy the view as many projects come into focus.

Scenery and Editorials

scenery and editorials

Watching experts share their landscapes of nature and man-made structures creates awe. The National Geographic photographers have a special gift. They’re like super humans.

Actually. They’re just very skilled. They got there through lots of dedicated practice and testing whatever they’ve learned.

Some of us do not have the luxury of being taught by world class photographers. For us, sometimes we’ve got to try and learn and improve along the way.

This is the place to catalog the lessons and use it as reference to judge the progress of learning how to photograph various scenes.

Model Moments

model moments

There are moments when one’s life is enriched by the generosity of others. Several friends have given of their time to help sharpen the skills of photography. More precious still, some of these friends have agreed to share their photo sessions on this blog.

This section of the site brings into focus some of these valuable moments and underscores the notion that no one can build a great anything without the help of friends and believers. By believers, people who really think you’ve got something special worth investing into.

Without these models/friends, many of the events photographed would not have worked. A lot of testing took place. A lot of trials and errors were worked on with these friends. Today, photography is all the more fun, because these kind friends gave of their time.

Their efforts have set the stage for future growth in photography… as in a business case. When these new cases arise, their stories will join this site in their appropriate moments.



It could be a wedding, a graduation, a birthday, a baby shower or dedication, or just a celebration… the art of capturing these events has a bit of science to it.

Of course, the best way to represent these events and lessons learned from them… is to blog about them. In this area of the project section, a look at some memorable events that helped shape part of the photographic career of this creative.

List of Projects

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Without further introductions… the photography projects below.