This page is dedicated to those who gave of their time to allow me to practice the art of photography.

This also serves as practice for the adventures to come in the future. These friends have given gladly of their time to help improve my skills. In the future, the plan is to have clients who agree to share their moments of photographic fun.

Thank you all for the help and also thank you for stopping by

Queen GiGi

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

Playful Hats

When a photo session inspires a few words of poetry

One gets a play with hats

Get Close… Up Close

Getting up close and personal… capturing beauty and happiness in one shot

Aqua Blue Session

A picture essay of the color Blue… Aqua Blue to be exact.

When a friend graces the day in full radiance… and allows you to do some photos… it’s a beautiful day indeed.

Sunkissed Diamond

When the sun recognizes the beauty of a queen’s soul.. it often will kiss her softly… letting her beauty radiate for others to see… and be inspired.

Poetic musics based off a photo session and friendship.

Smile, you’re on camera

Sometimes… a smile is hard to get.. but when gotten… looks amazing. Especially in closeup

Gallery for the blog post of the day

Concrete, Metal, Heels

When a set of photos tell a story better than a blog post…you’ve got to show the Urban Runway for readers to understand the contrast well.

Model Session in the Summer

It’s All in the Eyes

First serious attempt to capture eyes in the evening… an epic fail.. but…

A very successful summer evening photo session of a dear friend

Queen May

Some people love being behind the scenes.

Today, a tribute to a long time supporter of my work

The spotlight is on you as a token of gratitude for believing in me all these years.

Thank you!