Pivotal Confidence

I have learned many lessons in my short time as a blogger. Maybe enough to do an entire series. However, today, for this Motivational Monday, I want to focus on the word Confidence in a different way than I’ve seen others deal with it.

Confidence – Pivoted

The Pivotal State of Confidence is something that dawned on me as I looked at my progress and goals for my blogging career. I was filled with doubt and fears when I thought of blogging. I knew it was a place I wanted to play and learn, however I couldn’t muster the courage to move forward.

The Pivotal States of Confidence

So, the lessons I learned was simple. There are those, like me, who live in fear of things that are new. I was definitely there. I couldn’t see myself as a write, couldn’t see myself being successful as a blogger. I watched others and felt they had something special and I was lacking so much.

As a consequence, I stayed playing small. I did everything other than try my hand at blogging. When I did try, I did it timidly. Years flew by and the blog stayed put. I lost many followers as there were few updates.

The First state of confidence:

The first state of confidence is when one has confidence in the abilities of others but not in themselves. That was where I was playing for a long time.

I knew others would be successful, but when it came to me, well, I was just not lucky I kept saying. I had to do a lot of growing up to get to where I am now.

The Second state of confidence:

I then one day got tired of all the success stories others were having. It was time to believe in myself and go for it. But the sad thing, I was not sure how to start.

The second state of confidence is when you start to believe in yourself that you can do what you know how to do. In other words, I started accepting that I have writing capabilities.

I started writing. I would periodically share a post here and there. And over the course of nearly three years, I had spurts of writing and periods of silence. I believed in myself so I did whenever I felt comfortable.

But that state is not enough to do what one dreams of. Knowing and being confident in what you know is just enough to keep the status quo. You know you can do something, so you do it as you know it. Yet, that’s not enough.

The Third state of confidence:

Then, one day, I started seeing myself in a future tense. I am a writer and a blogger. Not that I was at the very moment I thought this. But I started to believe in greater than my current skills. I started believing I can become what I believed.

Sure, I could have called this post the various states of belief. But belief alone is not the key. Sure, I can believe I’m a writer, but if I don’t have the confidence in my abilities then I may not write.

The confidence in my understanding that I’m a writer/blogger changed the whole dynamics for me. Now, I can work into my schedule the necessary adjustments to make reality what I feel strongly about. I am a writer.

The last five or so months has seen a lot of changes in my writing efforts. I now am starting to publish on a regular basis. Something I didn’t think was possible a few months ago, let alone a year.

Pivotal Confidence

When your belief in the possible exceeds your fears about your current capabilities, you start to move towards your abilities.

This blog started to grow as I accepted and acted with confidence as a writer/blogger. The way I’ve viewed myself change. I’m a story teller. Writing is only one medium by which I tell the stories I tell. Man, this grew and accelerated my confidence and abilities big time.

When you’re able to pivot your level of confidence, you’re able to change many things about your life for the better and for greater results.

Today, I write not for just this blog, but a few others. Each had it’s key influence in helping me grow and embrace my writing abilities. I know I’m not there, I’m still a rookie writer, but the sophomore class is looking way more reachable and doable than ever.

Motivational Monday Thought

It’s high time many people in life pivot their level of confidence from level one to level two on their way to level three.

Yes, I know… I made up these levels for the sake of writing this post. However, the concept is just as true. If your belief in other’s abilities exceeds your own, you’re now at their mercy to get where you want to go. If your belief in yourself is only limited by what you know you know how to do, then, you’re not going to push the envelope as much to grow.

It’s only when you belief that greater than yourself is possible, then you’ll rise to the challenge and get to that higher plane of being.

What do you want to achieve in your life this week? Do you believe you can get there? What do you need to do to get there. Get working on it while the week is still young so you can move the needle forward.

Have a great and powerful day knowing you can get to where you need to go, because you’ve got the ability to grow to that new plan of being.
A companion post I wrote also exists at www.ceosofthehome.com/threekeys covering this from a slightly different point of view   

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