Rare Gem Event

Bucket List

Many people keep good long bucket lists. Some revise and change them often. Others just have a master list that takes a lifetime to cover.

This writer doesn’t keep much of a list. Most of the items that would be on that list have been done with sweet memories attached. A few won’t get done because of a few promises made along the way of life… so… that’s life.

There are others, sometimes given up on, that show up at your door, that you just have to grab and go with to have the chance of a lifetime.

Rare Gem Event

A certain time ago at an undisclosed location, my wife handed me a set of instructions to follow. Now, this is not typical in our home. So, intrigued, I looked them over and noticed that they were driving directions to a far location.

The Poconos

I had plans for the day. A long road trip was not in the cards. However, knowing I was in a bit of a dating deficit to my wife, my inner voice said it would be wise to take her to the location, as we’ve had talked about doing a romantic trip out there eventually.

Not wanting to be the one killing the relationship buzz, I pushed my plans off to the next weekend and went for a long long drive.

Let’s be clear…

I too wanted to go there. There are many nice places and activities to do once out there. Plus, once out there and doing what she had in mind, I’m sure I could talk her into a slight detour to visit a nice eatery or capture a few nice photos of the scenery. So, this was not going to put me out in any way shape or form. All my projects that were on tap for the weekend was not tied down by a solid date for that weekend.

On arrival

I got this feeling while getting close to the location that there was a page missing from the directions. There was no way we were going to pull over on a date in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road next to nothing. In fact, that farm stand was not her idea of a date, maybe mine, but definitely not hers.

I could tell by the way she was stifling her giggles that she was dying to tell me where we were going, as my blood pressure has a bad habit of rising when I get told I’m lost. I do not have a problem pulling over and asking directions to make sure my wife is comfy knowing I’m not lost this time, I had no idea where I was going

The Reveal

She couldn’t wait any longer. She handed over to me the last page of the directions. I didn’t need to read anything to know exactly where we were going. This was a massive huge once in a life time chance.

I was going to my very first big super speedway. NASCAR super speedway at that. The Pocono Raceway also known as The Tricky Triangle

I was going to visit one of my favorite NASCAR race tracks!!!


This was more than a date. This was not about her. This was about me!?!? Way… hold up… let me check the map once more, because I’ve been known to get excited about things and find out I’m wrong. Not often, but this was not the time to get this wrong at all.

did I get it right or wrong? Go to the next page to find out

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