It’s Work, Not a Wishing Well

Real Work

Those who put in a tremendous amount of smart work have the right to expect a lot of reward for their work. These are the same folks who know that sometimes, life happens and the rewards don’t come as expected. In order to bloom, one has to work, not wish in a well.

Sometimes, when the work starts, one sees the early fruits of their labor. The bloom looks amazing. The flowers look great. They’re ready to harvest. However, there is nothing there yet to harvest. There is still more work to do.

Collecting on one’s investment too early robs them of the compound interest yield of waiting for the actual harvest. Don’t start tooting and applauding success too early before it has had time to mature and give real dividends. When the first bloom happens, it’s validation that whatever you’re doing is capable of giving fruits. This is when it’s time to get your head down and push forward. The real work kicks up a gear.

Each stage of life, each level of skills, and each season has it’s own process leading up to it’s own harvest. There will come a time when you just have to level up and go on to better. But until that time, just be real professional about the work you’re doing in the here and now.


Get on with the work

Blogging has been a bit of fun. Now that I’ve stepped up my game, it is more work than ever. And while it’s still fun, it is work. And work requires all manners of skills. If I’m to grow and eventually touch thousands if not millions, I now have to buckle down and do the serious work of blogging. In the end, the readers will appreciate it, and the reward will be their faithful reading the blog. This is not to discount the leveling up of writing that will open up more doors down the road that I can’t yet see.

Whatever it is you’re doing, keep in m ind that it has a big component of work to it. You can’t wish your success forward. That will only lead to unfulfilled wishes. Create the results you want by doing the work necessary to get the results. And one more thing. It’s OK to have fun while working. If this blogging thing was not fun, I’d not last this long (yes measured in months). But it’s fun and keeping me highly interested. Do the work, even if there are days it’s not fun (like right now, I’d much rather sleep… because the day this goes live, I have a massive work day). However, skipping this posting routine is less fun and less rewarding. I have the end in sight… get good enough at writing, and you’ll have opportunities you’d never thought you’d have.

Example… I’ve always wished I could write a book. Never got close. Now that I’m writing regularly, I’m seeing a door for a book down the road. I keep this up… one day, that door will be in reach. You just never know until you do the work instead of wishing it into reality.

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