Old Files

Old Files Found

Certain days you discover unexpected “pick me up motivation”. I forgot about all these audio fies I had created.

I was having a round of self down about podcasting. Was looking for a way to overcome the impostor syndrome. This reminded me that I’ve been doing thee necessary prep work. I do have a foundational experience.

This is only one directory that I stumbled into. Feeling better after seeing these.

Creativity continues. Learning continues. But now… steps forward instead of recreating the process.

This came about after a few dear friends took time to invest in me and remind me how much they believed in me (same feelings came up about discovering forgotten video files of me practicing to do video as well).

I got awesome friends!!!

the above text came from social… the below text is additional musings and ramblings

Motivation in the archives

Sometimes, we forget where we’ve come from and how far we’ve gotten. Those times, its easy to get busy and recreate the wheel. It gives a false sense of accomplishment. It give the feeling of being busy… which must mean productive. Well, that’s not how it works. Reinventing the wheel only serves to fuel your feelings, not advance you towards your goals.

I had thought of starting from scratch and doing a whole new series of audio and video for the sake of learning how to do the content. In reality, I’ve created some pretty good content that needs to be re-purposed for a future blogging project. The content is here. Learning to edit the audio (and video) for short snippets to share with the blog post is the next logical step. Not starting over from scratch.

While it’s way too early to mention the projects (they’re for later next year) it is good to know that I have as much as I already have. It helps build the confidence. It helps free up the mental space.

As a result, this very post is now in existence. I wanted to reuse some of my social media content for my blog. It never occurred to just copy the link over and copy the text. The first test was a failure. Instagram didn’t like me copying and pasting my own text over to my blog. Not sure how they figured, but they did.

So. With more mental space free to think more clearly, I realized I can just rewrite the text (see the start) and then expand on it if the mood strikes me. And there you go, a new piece of content that can motivate someone forward. But… that’s not all.

With me no longer thinking about redoing tons of audio and video, I was free to think more creatively about this exact post. What if… I planned my social media posts in advance (yeah… I’m very late to that party… despite encouragements from others to do this a long time ago). I can coordinate my longer blog posts with my social media posts.

No. Not a large light-bulb moment. Just a moment of clarity in thinking. Historically, I create a blog post and then later scramble to put something witty to encourage people to get off social media and come to the blog and read the full post. I knew that was not the most effective route, but I was not in a place to take on a larger project for each post.

Now… since I’m not over-thinking too much… it makes a lot more time management sense to me to upgrade my process… plan out posts much further out in the future… and have all the pieces in place.

Yes. This is more upfront work. Yes, this is exactly why successful blogs eventually all get staffing. This is also why… doing things “right” and “high level” takes a lot of time. Time I don’t have.

Will every post get this level of love and royal treatment? No. But I’m moving in that direction slowly and steadily.

All because I can go old school and visualize what I need to do and give myself enough time to get it done… edited… and shared.

Progress is incremental. There was a time… writing a five hundred word post was a monumental task. Now… I’m writing stories, books, short posts, long posts, and syncing up with social media.

What’s next? Publishing a finished book?

Let me check my calendar first… the paper one… then the digital one… lol

Old Audio Recordings – Motivation – Social media edition

To help those in the future who want to get caught up on all the past micro-blogged posts… here is a set of links below to help you out. Just click on the image or the title to get to the full post of interest to you.

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