When Gold Shines

The Grand Arrival

Lady G has arrived. Work is done. Time to bond with family, relax a few minutes. Then, when the rest of the home is asleep, it is school online, homework, and preparing for classes later in the week.

Sun Kissed

If one can’t enjoy life, one often is left miserable. Sometimes, the best moments aren’t planned, they’re just savored when they show up. The sun peeked out, it was time to let it kiss the coat… and dance on smooth skin. This is also how you learn about how cool your friends are.

Strut That Walk

All good fun comes to an end. So, instead of dragging one’s heels to start the parenting career part of the day, strut in high fashion to your best job of the day. Leave the dragging for bed time, if at all.

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In the post that goes with this gallery, there was mention of being so nervous the photos came out badly… in the name of transparency… here are a few outtakes of the mistakes I made before I stopped thinking so much about me.

Seriously, when serving clients, keep the focus on them. You’ll do a better job that way. Even if those clients are friends and family. Server them fully and completely. You’ll improve the friendship/relationship that way.

Here is where the story for these pictures lives… on the blog… “The Gold Coat.

Editorial Note: This post first went live on March 8, 2018 …alongside another blog post… in the project section of the site. As a consequence of reshuffling content, this post is now showing up in the blog section, where it belongs.

Below is a linked page that will hold the collection of all posts featuring the gold coat wearing queen. Thanks for reading and sharing

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The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

GiGi Portraits

Getting up close and capturing the smile of royalty

2 thoughts on “When Gold Shines

  1. The topic of “Gold Coat” was a bit unique for me to see just that. I found Gigi promoting was a breathe of fresh air advertising/modeling, while discussing such things as parenting. I enjoyed the read and examples of each topic brought to surface. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome Tina

      I am glad you like the diversity of topics that I muse about on the blog

      I hope to continue to share new creative stories and ideas for all to enjoy… while discussing important topics as well.

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