Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

Many of us don’t realize our own royalty. We struggle to find direction and meaning. Others of us know right out of the gate and live amazing lives. But, some… have to fight for every inch they get.

Thankful to have met GiGi. One seriously motivated lady who had a good start and refused to stay just good. Constantly elevating and pushing the limits, this queen has shown others their own path to greatness.

Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

I was very fortunate to have met this queen during her rise. Today, she’s helping other women change their lives and empower themselves. Her tool of choice is yoga but her strategy is the education of the mind.

We’ve only had one photo session, due to our complex schedules. This one and only session totally changed my trajectory as a photographer. Through her influence, my confidence rose, and I’ve expanded my reach as a visual creative. I can trace many amazing friendships directly to her influence.

Without further multiplication of words, below will be a linkage of inspired words derived from this one photo session. There are plans to do another one in the future… when my children are a little older. That one will be focused on some of her yoga… and I hope to do justice like the other photographers have.

Never give up on your royalty or your dreams. Things have a strange way of working out. Pun intended

  1. The Gold Coat - When the sun shines and your coat looks of gold... it becomes the inspiration for a blog post. Thanks to a friend who shared of her precious time to allow me to explore my photography
  2. When Gold Shines - The photo gallery of 'The Gold Coat" comes to the blog. LadyG aka GiGi graces the pages once more with a glorious set of photos
  3. A smile says so much… - It's more energy efficient to smile than it is to frown. Lady GiGi shows us how to smile brightly Photo Inspired Words to kick of a motivated Monday

Below will be a list of all the various projects done with Queen Gigi. Within each project will be the listing of all the blog posts and galleries done around that topic. Thank you for enjoying each.

Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

GiGi Portraits

Getting up close and capturing the smile of royalty


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