GiGi Portraits

The classic standard portrait in photography is one of the most recognized ways of showcasing someone. When done very well, it is a masterpiece that passes on through generations.

When one mixes this style with a bit of journalism and a queen who paves her own way, you get a something different that lends itself to a smile.

GiGi Portraits

In this project, the photographer focuses his lens on the strength of Moe Curlz in her early days. She gave of her time and posed very well as the photog worked his skills

All the blog posts, galleries, musings, and poetic inclinations from this photo session will be listed below. Just click on the image or title to be taken to the content inside the post.

Thanks Queen GiGi

  1. Portraying a Queen - This is the story behind how I met GiGi and got to do an amazing photo session. Taking a little literary license to make it a better read... you'll see the importance of not psyching yourself out before you get a chance
  2. Royal Portrait - The Royal Portrait in gallery form. A few select portrait like photos of GiGi graces the blog
  3. The Portrait of a Queen - Using words to muse a portrait of Queen GiGi The process of elevating oneself takes time... and looks easy when one is so dedicated. Motivating others to raise their game

Below will be a list of all the various projects done with Queen Gigi. Within each project will be the listing of all the blog posts and galleries done around that topic. Thank you for enjoying each.

Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

GiGi Portraits

Getting up close and capturing the smile of royalty

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