Poetic DayDream

Just because the originals didn’t impress the artist… doesn’t mean it can’t be re-purposed for a better project. Taking a few of the photos… mentioned on the blog… and letting creativity flow… we have a few poetic lines below.

Poetic Daydream

Lovingly, playfully, quietly… thinking peacefully… about that thing you said…

You know… that thing we are going to do… that day we meet… ever so sweetly.

Naturally, it’s all theoretically easy. Not that it won’t actually be.

But that’s ok. It’s me and you. Gradually. Steadily.

You and I drifting ever closer. Becoming one. Quite aspiration-ally.

Cozily, got me leaned back… thinking about you leaning back.

Lips parting. Thoughts salivating. Breaths exhaling.

Curiously, like a bee drawn to honey. Moonbeams all over the sunbeams.

Daydreaming. Wondering about night’s dreams. Pondering the meaning of bliss.

Got everyone else in a twist, thinking this is just a thirst, but in reality, with just one kiss, peace.

Sitting back, giggling at nothing, which means everything, not wanting anything but your many things.

So this is what they call it… when someone misses their special someone.

Got the mind floating on clouds… looking up at blue… yet feeling pink… wishing for another drink.

Not just any drink. No. The special potion… that only drips from your lips… as you say my name.

Sweetly. Lovingly. Playfully. Quietly. Peacefully. Sensationally.

Inspiration Comes From…

Taking some of these photos and working hard to share the in their best light… has led to some interesting reflection. The thoughts that moved about the photo shoot and lessons from this is found on the blog plost (Looking Ahead to Love … also linked below).


These are some of the photos that triggered the poetry that started this post.

Candidly Scened

Some of the scenery and candid moments that shaped and colored some of today’s poetry

The Blog Post

Here is the associated blog post that gives a bit of back story to this photo session… and why it took me so long to consider sharing these photos online. Grateful that I was able to face those insecurities and create something out of this photo set.

  1. Looking Ahead to Love - Taking a moment to get vulnerable about a photographic fail... only to end up creating some poetry Live and learn. Creating better from failures
  2. Poetic DayDream - Candid photos can inspire poetic words Taking the dog days of summer in stride A throwback photo set inspiring poetry

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the project section on June 20, 2018. It has since been moved to the blog. Links updated.

Here are other posts and projects with CV

The List of Blog Posts

  • Looking Ahead to Love - Taking a moment to get vulnerable about a photographic fail... only to end up creating some poetry Live and learn. Creating better from failures
  • Candid Town - Some lessons are just candid. Some can be staged. The mixture of both styles makes a shoot a lot more fun.
  • Creating Candid Town - A little behind the scenes of a photo session with Claire aka CV A bit of look into some of the creative process and candid photography

The List of Projects

Poetically Looking

Some candid photos do inspire poetic words. Especially when thinking about life, romance, and the future

The home page for one photo session with Claire

Towns of Candids

Claire creates a little visual buzz during a test of camera gear and candid photography

Home of the candid photos with Claire


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