Poetically Looking

Looking forward while working hard in the present often leads to poetic visions of an easier tomorrow. This passionate drive by humans to have better is in all of us. Some just look better doing it than others, which is completely fine. That’s why there are plenty of inspirational folks online.

Poetically Looking

Took a bit of time to do a photo shoot with Claire some many years ago while involved in a lengthy chat about creating a better future.

The photo session came about because we had talked about it, dreamed about it, and then… one day got about making it happen.

Looking back from looking ahead

Back then, we talked about careers, hopes, aspirations in love, for love, and the usual hope of being homeowners. Today, looking back, several of these dreams have come true and many more are in the making.

There were a few pleasant surprises that came along the way, and those make the world more colorful and pleasant.

Below will be listed the blog posts that captures a fictional recounting of the conversation that took place the day of our photo session.

Who knows… maybe one day again, we’ll have the chance to do another photo session and talk about the future once more.

one of the posts involves one of these unexpected surprises of life… me writing poetry for the world to see

  1. Poetic DayDream - Candid photos can inspire poetic words Taking the dog days of summer in stride A throwback photo set inspiring poetry
  2. Looking Ahead to Love - Taking a moment to get vulnerable about a photographic fail... only to end up creating some poetry Live and learn. Creating better from failures

Looking forward

Eventually, there will be other blog posts and concepts worked on with Claire. When these posts happen, they will get a project page in the portfolio area of the blog. Their links will be listed below as well.

Poetically Looking

Some candid photos do inspire poetic words. Especially when thinking about life, romance, and the future

The home page for one photo session with Claire

Towns of Candids

Claire creates a little visual buzz during a test of camera gear and candid photography

Home of the candid photos with Claire


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