Towns of Candids

Several years ago, someone invested time to allow me to test my new photography gear. It was a lovely sunny day. We could have painted the town red, but instead, we bounced around structured shots and playful shots.

A few of the locals stopped by to check out the activities. It was just one of those things one did. Having fun. Being creative.

Town of Candids

The point of this photo session with Claire was to explore not only the new camera gear but also responding to candid moments.

In all fairness, the plan was to do some fashion pieces, check the camera out, and head home. However, the candid moments proved to be priceless. More and more of the shoot started including candid moments.

Instead of going on and on about these moments, let’s just introduce the blog posts that explains it all.

Park in Town

Just enough of a slight breeze, just enough distance between people in the park, and just the right amount of harsh sunlight and we were painting the park red and all other colors.

Taking a little creative liberty in recollection, the blog posts will capture just one focal point of the story that unfolded that day.

It is possible to imagine a time where a few of the photos that didn’t make the candid reel will get revisited to make a new blog post. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves in candid moments of word play.

Happy to share with you the learning moments in candid photography powered by the modeling of Claire.

Just click on the image or title of the links below to be taken to the appropriate blog post. Appreciate you sharing and clicking like of course.

Candids In Town

  1. Creating Candid Town - A little behind the scenes of a photo session with Claire aka CV A bit of look into some of the creative process and candid photography
  2. Candid Town - Some lessons are just candid. Some can be staged. The mixture of both styles makes a shoot a lot more fun.

To build towns candidly…

Eventually, there will be other blog posts and concepts worked on with Claire. When these posts happen, they will get a project page in the portfolio area of the blog. Their links will be listed below as well.

Poetically Looking

Some candid photos do inspire poetic words. Especially when thinking about life, romance, and the future

The home page for one photo session with Claire

Towns of Candids

Claire creates a little visual buzz during a test of camera gear and candid photography

Home of the candid photos with Claire


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