Smile, you’re on camera

Patna prefers to hide her smile most of the time. That’s just part of loving who she is. But, when she does smile, it’s a wonderful thing. Just ask for a smile on demand, that is not how it works.

Fortunately, for this special birthday celebratory photo shoot, Patna was having fun and smiling.

Close Up Smiles

Don’t recall how many of the poses were her idea and how many were mine, but it was plenty of fun.

Lesson learned… when shooting in such intense sunlight, have a reflector to counter the angle of the sun.

Not all the close ups were of smiles though… hopefully… Patna doesn’t mind

Few Outtakes

Not all the images were tightly zoomed. Here are a few that were “more normal”. In retrospect, the change in background did help a little with the sun, but not enough. The use of flash came later in the shoot… but I had not set it well enough for the amount of sunlight I was dealing with. Good to review these lessons so future shoots happen even better.

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared on March 22, 2018 in the project section. It is now relocated to the blog as part of the 2018 audit process. 

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Concrete Jungle Shoot

The home of the concrete jungle shoot with Patna as she lit up her Urban Runway

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