Concrete Jungle Shoot

Every now and again, Patna would throw a challenge my way. Other times, I’d throw one her way. This particular project, we both came up with the idea at the same time.

Let’s do a contrasting photo shoot between the construction site and her outfit. It was supposed to be a special layout to showcase her new twist on the color purple

Concrete Jungle Shoot

Between the heat of the day, the dust of the site, the noise of passing traffic, once the shoot began, a quiet seemed to fall on the ‘set’.

Aptly called the “Urban Runway”, jokes soon followed as we took advantage of the scenery. Patna was not one to fear giving her input on a shoot. This made the concept all the more fun to photograph.

Others have attempted to do similar shoots with me, however, their appetite for the contrast was not as strong as Patna’s.

The fear of falling off mounds of construction gear or slabs of concrete definitely played into the quality of the shoot. Patna and I got a good workout in during this session.

The Project

Below will be the links to the blog posts that showcase the results of this session. There is a story expressed in one post and the gallery built into the next.

Without further introduction, here are the results of this concrete jungle photo shoot

  1. Urban Runway - When everyone sees you for your worse... but someone dares see you for yourself... it can bring out one's inner child. The "photog" returns from the archives with a story that touched him about a muse he once had.
  2. Concrete, Metal, Heels - Taking a photo shoot to a construction site... to contrast a dressy look and the concrete jungle of urban life

For all the other projects with Patna, here is a list to their respective portfolio pages. These pages will list all the blog post done with Patna over the course of time.

Concrete Jungle Shoot

The home of the concrete jungle shoot with Patna as she lit up her Urban Runway

All future musings and galleries on this theme will show up here

Purple Lined

Patna loves the color purple. Might as well muse and focus on it. A bit of up close photo work

The home of all the related posts of close up purple

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