Purple Lined

A reoccurring color theme in most of the photos with Patna is the color purple. It’s part of her signature look from the era. Of course, this means in photo sessions, the focus seems to narrow on whatever purple accent there is that day.

Purple Lined

On this particular shoot, Patna was sporting more subtle purple. Eyeliner to be more specific. The question, instantly became, can a photo be taken in harsh bright sunlight and capture the eyeliner.

This would require a lot of shots to find the right setting to get it right. You, dear reader, can be the judge of how well the set succeeded.

But… before we digress into a long blog post…

The Projects

Below will be the listed blog posts that showcases the up close and personal shots of the purple eyeliner.

While it is too much to give credit to this shoot for the many close up photos that came afterward, it has influenced how I do these close ups when there is Every now and again, Patna would throw a challenge my way. Other times, I’d throw one her way. This particular project, we both came up with the idea at the same time.

Enjoy the reading, thanks for sharing and clicking like on each of the posts.

  1. The Time of a Close Up - When Patna smiles... something magical happens. During a birthday celebration shoot... worked on my close-up skills. Sharing a few memories and a gallery of this shoot.
  2. Smile, you’re on camera - Patna does a photo session around the color purple. A bit of close ups. This is the photo gallery post with a few lessons sprinkled in

For all the other projects with Patna, here is a list to their respective portfolio pages. These pages will list all the blog post done with Patna over the course of time.

Concrete Jungle Shoot

The home of the concrete jungle shoot with Patna as she lit up her Urban Runway

All future musings and galleries on this theme will show up here

Purple Lined

Patna loves the color purple. Might as well muse and focus on it. A bit of up close photo work

The home of all the related posts of close up purple

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