Regarding Blues

Lady Cena knows how to make colors pop. She’s done many colors gracefully. This photog is only privileged to know of just a few colors. There were other photos that made their way over to the photog to inform him that he wasn’t seeing the best of all the colors Lady Cena had to offer.

This could have easily led to a bad case of the blues. Being that the photog is also a musician, the mood to groove to the blues wouldn’t solve the need to photograph ever color.

So. Instead of sitting around and feeling bad, the photog did what he always does, he asks for a new shoot. And that, my friend, is a great cure for the blues.

Regarding Blues

In this case, we’re doing a study of the color blue. Not the one that makes people feel blue, the one that gave a lot of folks with the blues a new shade of pink. There were so many compliments.

When the photog got a chance, he finally got to try his best to faithfully replicate the beauty of the blue number Lady Cena was wearing.

That summer day, things got a bit red as other aspiring photographers experienced their own blues for not having had secured Lady Cena as their model for the day.

Luck would have it, there were many other photo opportunities going on that day, everyone had a chance to muse about the various colors on hand.

Which Version of Blue

The debate is still on about what shade of blue Lady Cena was sporting. You’re more than welcome to comment below the blog posts about what shade of blue you’re seeing. It may not be the old internet meme of the color blue, but this one will definitely create a smile for those experiencing blues.

For those who don’t know, Lady Cena is able to carry a tune to wipe away blues. Lifting spirits is one of her specialties that’s reserved for her inner circle of friends and her hubby. The people in her outer circle are not left out in the cold to fend of their own blues. This set of photos is just for you, to bring about many things other than blue.

Without lapsing into poetic notes, or slipping in a grace note of jazz blues, it’s time to link all the posts regarding the Lady in Blue.

Cases of Studied Blues

  1. Aqua Blue Session - Taking the best of the Aqua Blue photo session and sharing them as a gallery
  2. Case Study Blue - In poetry, roses are red and violets are blue... in photography it's all about the right hue Taking inspiration from an old photo session to write a story.... with a few lessons.
  3. Having Blues over Blue - Sharing a few lessons from mistakes I made in my early photo days. It's good to learn from the past. This is a rare case of showing the "bad" before sharing the "good" when feeling blue about photography... like... missing the days of shooting for leisure

All other case studies

Below, the list of all the various sessions done with Lady Cena will appear as they get produced on the blog. This page may need to be bookmarked. Much of my photographic success was influenced by models like Lady Cena.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, thank you for clicking like.

Keeping Cena

A photo session in the park leads to a gallery and romance fiction on the blog.

Home page of the Gate Keeper project with Lady Cena

Regarding Blues

The home page of the blues where Lady Cena paints the town red with her aqua blue

Lessons learned, poetic words, musings, and gallery… all listed within.. without excess blues

Crop of Closeness

A collection of up close and well cropped photos of Lady Cena

A light test turns into a play with hats

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