CV for Claire

One of the dreams discussed during a photo session was the opening up of a place where food was celebrated in great fashion. Pardon the word play. However, to cook victoriously, one has to have the passion for the art.

They say that when one cooks with love, the results taste better than the recipe states it will. This is why your grandma’s cooking can’t be duplicated by any other person. It’s got that special love touch.

Claire set off her journey early with a vision. Along the way, she graced a few lens to impress an elegant vision. Then, she fostered her own path to the present day.

CV for Claire

In order to not torture some words, the title of “Cooking Victoriously” felt a bit too much. I do know that Claire appreciates the play, as she’s well on her way to making her chef dreams come true.

During our time of taking photos, the hunt for the right ingredients of collaborative creativity was cooking up a storm of ideas.

The competition between holding a job and doing free photo sessions kept our mutual calendars from being full of sessions. However, the content created helped fill the pages of a few forums and galleries that no longer exist today.

Home Cooked CV

Today, a select few of these photo sessions will receive special focus. Their selection was a bit at random, but, they were selected based on the impressions they made for my writing efforts.

Listed below will be the projects that houses all the blog posts on the given subject. Feel free to click on any image or title to be taken to that portfolio page. Any future projects inspired by her images will automatically be updated here.

Thank you for checking out our fashionable tasty collaborations while enduring some twisting of words

The CV Collection

Poetically Looking

Some candid photos do inspire poetic words. Especially when thinking about life, romance, and the future

The home page for one photo session with Claire

Towns of Candids

Claire creates a little visual buzz during a test of camera gear and candid photography

Home of the candid photos with Claire


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