Crop of Closeness

There are models out there who carry the photo so far down the goal line that a photographer almost can not fail to produce a great photo.

Other times, a photographer has to correct himself in order not to distract from the model’s beauty. Such are the tails of post-editing. One has to remove the errors of judgment that could get in the way of a model’s story.

Crop of Closeness

This is the story of such a photo session that was nearly trashed because the photog got in his own way. He just didn’t have the patience to set up the scenes correctly.

Fortunately, Lady Cena is always on her A-game. She carried the entire photo session. The blog will get into details… later… below.

This shoot was done as a collaboration between two lovely people who have invested a lot in helping the photog improve his game.

It would be a while before his editing skills found the way to cut and crop the images so they can shine online and speak well of the model.

When Photo Element is your shop’s PhotoShop

The work of fixing the images took a while. The backgrounds needed to be removed, colors corrected, and lighting allowed to speak for itself.

What one gets, after a lot of massaging, is a set of images that lives on the blog. So, without further explanation, let us cut to the chase.

The Blog Posts

Part of the joint photo session lives through these links. Just click on the image or title to read more.

  1. Get Close… Up Close - Lady Cena shines her best up close and person when the photo editing crops out the noisy background The only way to let a lady shine with her hats... up close
  2. Crop a photo to save a photo - Sharing a few lessons learned from taking not so great photos... and saving them for the right time... to blog about them

There are many other concepts worked on with Lady Cena. It’s only a matter of time before these posts make their way onto the pages of this blog. When they do, they will get listed in a series of project pages… listed below.

Thank you kindly for enjoying, sharing, and clicking like. Comments are always welcomed anywhere on the blog.

Keeping Cena

A photo session in the park leads to a gallery and romance fiction on the blog.

Home page of the Gate Keeper project with Lady Cena

Regarding Blues

The home page of the blues where Lady Cena paints the town red with her aqua blue

Lessons learned, poetic words, musings, and gallery… all listed within.. without excess blues

Crop of Closeness

A collection of up close and well cropped photos of Lady Cena

A light test turns into a play with hats

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