The Rise of Patna

There are some people who seem to have a string of bad luck hanging a cloud of gloom over their shoulders. Life just doesn’t go their way. Their struggle can often appear easy to resolve, by those who have no clue what’s really going on. Yet, inside of their darker passages, they manage to bring light and sunshine to others.

Patna is one such person who, for a period of time, had to navigate difficult passages. She managed to keep her optimism up, her smile available, and her good nature alive.

During this particular period of time, our paths crossed. I’ve learned so much. Although I tried to share some wisdom to help, it was not my place to be such a positive influence.

The Rise of Patna

During the photo sessions we had, Patna kept reminding me to level up my outlook and my ambitions. It was a partnership of accountability. We both were testing out visions, dreams, and possibilities that our mutually shared surroundings did not fully understand or value.

Since our collaborations, we’ve both moved on to different projects and interests. We periodically wave hello on social media. The transformation is such that these pictures feel like they’re from a life time ago.

The lessons, nevertheless, continue to influence the content I share online. This page is the homage of several projects we jointly worked on.

The Projects

In each of the listed entries will be additional information about the project we worked on. Just click on the link or image to discover more.

Wishing Patna, her online name for this blog only… in full transparency, the best of luck in all that she does.

Concrete Jungle Shoot

The home of the concrete jungle shoot with Patna as she lit up her Urban Runway

All future musings and galleries on this theme will show up here

Purple Lined

Patna loves the color purple. Might as well muse and focus on it. A bit of up close photo work

The home of all the related posts of close up purple


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