Cover of Micro-Blogging

We run around sharing thoughts and concepts on social media with very little thought about what will happen if that site goes down. Less deep, what if the site we loved becomes boring and we switch over to another? Do we port things over? Do we start over?

Such were the thoughts raised by an online personality one day… with no quick fast answers.

Micro Blogging

Thinking back, there was a golden era of social media content creation. The time when the platform was new and there was so much to say. Especially before marketers got wise to the platform.

Sure, there are times when innovative thoughts strikes and gets shared on social media. However, where to house these thoughts for a more permanent keepsake?

Not all thoughts have to be saved, but the few that should… a blog is a great place to hold these souvenirs.

Social or by design

Some random thoughts are good ones. These, have to be saved too. Others are reflective pontifications that will suit social media just fine… and those can be expanded upon on the blog as well.

Of course, there are pieces of content that are best forgotten and auto-deleted after 24 hours. Those, not the specialty of this blogger, will not get housed on the blog.

As a result of some moments of reflection, this page has become the home base for all the various musings that started or were planned for social media.

They fall into two categories: Micro Blogging and Socially Collected. All this means is that it’s a collection of posts that were either shared on social media and will be saved on this site or… were designed to be shared on social media with an expansion of thoughts on the blog. Kinda like a micro to full blog.

The Micro Blogs

Below is the list of all the various projects and groupings of micro blogs as they come into being on this site. At the time of this post being created, the list is rather thin. The goal is to share more quality social shares that will live on the blog. Of course, those who follow online will see all the other posts that never make the blog, but that’s ok. The best stuff is right here.

Without further explanations…

Micro – Blogging

A collection of photo inspired words… brought into a better focus on the blog.

The musings are shared both on the blog and on social media as a joint effort of creativity.

This page is the home of micro-blogging

Focused Collections From Social

A collection of micro-blogged posts from social media.

An extension of creative writing


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