A Thank You Collection

Onward to new adventures

The groom is a man of many talents. In the coming year(s) there are plans and chats about joint collaborations. He’s creating his own content and building his own online platform.

There will be other celebrations I hope to photograph for them. There will be other moments where I hope to get some quality photo sessions created for this blog with the help of my friend and her family. They’re blessed to have so many beautiful photogenic people in that family tree. Let’s not forget all the talented musicians too, whom I’ve had the joy of playing with over the years. (Don’t want you to think I’m not giving you credit…as you’re reading this article.)

This is my thank you to them for their wonderful help. As I get better with blogging in the coming year, look forward to many more chances to work with these fine people.

As a ways of conclusion

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re enjoying responsibly and fully. Remember to thank the folks who support you in the pursuit of your dreams and aspiration. Celebrate with them. Enjoy the victories with them. They made it possible for you to graduate to your level and will make it possible for you to graduate to the next.

To my friends who made this post possible, thank you very very much! To those who didn’t get their thanks yet, your day is coming too.

I will see you there [this post was written to close the year… but published well into the New Year] with more stories, ideas, encouragements, and photos!

Stay blessed always


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