Ideas Come From….

Enough about me… about about you?

Thank you for having read this far along on this post. I’m trying a new way of organizing my thoughts about how I organize my thoughts… as it’s not often I think about my process.

Which brings about the question. What’s your process? Let me know. It’s always interesting to note how people thing when creating any content they’ll share online. How do you edit your thoughts? Where do you get your best ideas from?

I often find it helps to meditate/reflect back on events and places to get ideas for this blog. On the other blogs I write, I tend to reflect on the relationships I have with people to come up with ideas on what to write. Sometimes, just looking at the relationships I’ve had with prior ideas helps too.

Feel free to leave me any comments you’d like below. You may just help inspire another reader get motivated to write their own set of ideas to share online.

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