When Fast Fashion Hurts

The New Job

Onboarding was a lot of work. The company sounded awesome. By the way, they are awesome and take great care of me. Yes, they are a corporation and come with all the bells and whistles one can expect. But, the point, I had a good transition into this new career.

I was also complimented by many of my new teammates about my wonderful collection of suits. While the environment did not require it, suits was an option I didn’t have to keep daily. The cost of dry cleaning was not covered in my compensation package. Good thing I had purchased many business casual attire that garnished equal amount of praise.

To be fair and honest, it was the suits that got more attention than needed mainly because the office does not require my team to be in a suit. No one else wears a suit. I was the newbie. I eventually adjusted accordingly.

2017-07-26 22.05.39

But then… issues quickly came up

I noticed something most peculiar. My suits started to fall apart after the fourth wear. Literally falling apart. Ranging from seams breaking to liners disintegrating. I went back to the store in a hurry. They had instituted a no refund policy. The cost of repair was over half the cost of the suits.

Reading the fine print on one of the posters, it dawned on me. The only guarantees the store made was on their high-end merchandise. The ones that retailed in the rich people’s price range. The single suit that cost more than my entire two weeks worth of suits purchase. The high end stuff with labels to match.

My hands were tied. I had several thousand dollars of junk. Total crap. Worthless piles of textiles prints.

Can you say angry?!?!

The Solution

I was so grateful that I had not donated or retired my now 15-year-old suits. All three of them. These are the suits that still hold me down and get compliments today. Sure I know they’re old. But no one else does. They have held up. They’re saving me. Their also dying too. They will eventually show their age.

For now, they will have to do. I just can not afford to get the good stuff. The ones that have the guarantee on them. Even the business casual clothing I had purchased… total rubbish. I’m still using my decade old collection of business casual attires to get by.

There is no finding cheap affordable durable clothing if you’re going to shop like most guys I know.


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