When Fast Fashion Hurts

Life lessons

Many times we want to cut corners for faster returns. We have those people we call friends that we shouldn’t really call friends. We have these compromises we make to get quick results that win short-term but really costs us sleep, health, happiness, and peace in the medium and long-term.

Everyone wants instant gratification. I did back then. I wasted a fortune. Instead, I could have started the job with what I had and slowly upgraded my wardrobe with quality pieces over time.

Settling for the cheapest solution is usually going to give you the cheapest outcome. Bargain value is not always bargain value. It is discounted value at a bargain price. The formula has changed so that the big stores win. The big players win. All at the expense of the little person.

Of course, one does not need to take this and accept it at face value. One can learn to provide true value in all that they do. Doesn’t matter if your skills appear ancient. They are skills. Dust them off. Find someone who values your skills. The payoff is worth it.

While my wardrobe suffers greatly, I do not lament it. It has served me beautifully for more than a decade. Classic pieces do not fall out of favor. Fast fashion does. In the future, I will be investing in classic pieces that will do five to ten years with ease.

Speaking of five to ten years… that is the amount of time it takes to bring a skill from average Joe to really good. What skills can you bring up in the coming years? How do you set yourself up to be high value in the coming years?

Remember the tortoise and the hare story? Yeah. Fast fashion verses classic. You get the moral of the story.

I got hurt once by fast fashion. I’m not getting hurt again. There is a time and place for that kind of fashion. When it comes to toddlers and infants that outgrow things super fast, that may just work fine for that. For us adults who have to work , all that shopping time for constant new fast pieces is taking valuable time away from working your career up the right ladder.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for understanding my current break (gotta focus on a few high priority off-line commitments). Can’t wait to come back and deliver good content for you to enjoy.

p.s. not all of my clothing is very old actually. Not all my new pieces are fast fashion either. With regards to that company, yes, all their items I purchases are totally waste of money that look really good. Many pieces did eventually get repairs. Several are very strategically and sparingly used to get the most use out of them. Don’t hold the image that all my clothing is uber old and on the verge of falling apart. Just took a little artistic license to make this a better read

note there is the possibility of giving this site a face-lift to freshen up the look. I’m open to hearing your thoughts whenever I get the upgrade done

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